The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


this may be a silly question, but what is the thing connected to the boat that crosses the rope? is it something coming out from the pier?

love the mysterious fog. reminds me a bit of the great mouse detective.


This painting reminds me of American Tail, LOL! Cool painting I’ll wait to see what u do next dude!:thumbsup:


yeah first thing that popped into my head was american tail… excellent composition and values… really excited about this one. keep up the good work. no crits


Its part of the Ancor


That´s what i thought…

Yeah, PACKRATS :cool:, like it already.
The ship however should be viewed from a lower angle and the rims you used on the characters are too strong imO.
They´re getting off the ship, aren´t they?

Great :lightbulb:


I’ll fix the perspective of the ship in the next pass. Working out the foreground and background shapes still


hey niceee …micee… looking very good man good luck


Nice work, i like your painting you have a great style, the soft fog covers lot of detail specially the water surface. keep up.

good luck,:thumbsup:


That’s a funny concept, but I’d move the frame lower. If you cut of the top, the viewer will still be able to say that the thing on the right is a ship, and that’s because the viewer will still be seing the other ship in the background. :slight_smile:


That’s cool. Good use of distant blues and warmer foreground. Maybe the rope could use a bit more perspective.


Thanks everyone. I’ll work on some of those suggestions.


Another small update. I still have to work on the ancor.


I had an idea like this in my mind too :slight_smile: Looks cool :thumbsup:


Hey, Cliff, nice strong shapes in those comps.
Have to admit, though, that i get confused about the direction of travel. Compositionally I would guess that the 2 mice are getting ready to board the boat. The addition of the figures in the lower right supports that… But I keep reading their body language as the left one lifting the right one up from the rope, so they are travelling left and away from the boat… like a journey ending. I’m not sure what you could do to their bodies to make it read more clearly, but I suspect you want the motion to read as rightwards-bound…

Good luck!



walrus makes a good point… i suggest amking the mouse on top of the rope arm straight so it seems he is lowering the mouse down rather than bent like he is lifting a weight. also the lower mous could have his body twisted away from the supporting mouse with afoot on teh wood. just a suggestion. may not work but in my mind tahts what i would do


Thanks everyone for the comments, I think this helps to establish the going instead on coming.


wow stuart little to the rescue! thats cute., gudluck :slight_smile:


haha, i love the concept! always loved the idea of little heroes , i’m gonna keep watching this one!


It definitely does, what a simple and effective solution :thumbsup:


Agreed. Good fix, Cliff!