The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


And the second one practically done.


I’m reposting this again so they are on the same page.


That’s clever!


Thanks Sunny, I was worried that is was silly instead of clever.


Hi Cliff,
I lke both of the images a lot, maybe more the mini one, but that´s only because it is more finished. I find the couple of mice starting to take a voyage delicious, I´s a pity you couldn´t post both of them.


I have to agree with Ramixton for the same reasons. The mice eloping is cute, but it doesn’t have as much going on in it. I like that the minicooper piece has more going on, and all of it is more finished. It’s evident where you put the most love, imho. (Maybe if you owned an ocean liner, they’de be more equal! :slight_smile: )

Good luck in deciding, though…



Hehe, good old mice heading a ship again :thumbsup:


both are very good pictures and well done.

the one with the ship feels like its going to continue like a tim burton movie:) (i like tim burton movies).


Finished, this is the one I’m going with.


Good luck. Cliff! Terrific image! Peace!:thumbsup:


Thanks Bryce


Talk about a unique concept, yours is killer! The details are jaw-dropping, those cars lookin REAL. Great progress.


Thanks George for the kind words


haha nice!!! i like it.


Very nicely rendered. THis is a keeper. Great entry.


Thanks anticz
Thanks Demeye


I’m glad that you went with the car race mice, the ship/ elopement was good, but I like this best- it’s more you.



I’m glad you decided to add the license on the hood, looks very cool! The piece looks great as always!


Haha! I luv it! easily the most creative of the entries I’ve seen so far :wink: …and very well rendered to boot.


I’ve been trying to upload my final image for five days and my status still shows that I have yet to upload it. Any help?