The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Cliff Cramp


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Great Race


hi cliff, glad to see that you joined! best of luck to you! subscribing :slight_smile:


Thanks Benita, I hope I have more time for this one. I just finished up a project, so maybe I can get going on this one early. I’m looking forward to seeing your work on this one.


Yay, Cliff! Glad you’ll be joining us for this one… Look forward to seeing you work on another piece. Good luck (especially with the “finding time” part.)



Welcome Cliff and good luck dude!:thumbsup:


Thanks gang. I plan on comping up some ideas shortly.


hey mister cramp, nice to see u again



i demand to see work :smiley:

i am just kidding, but seriously nice to have you here. and good luck bro!


Just an initial idea sketch of two mice getting reading to embark.


Seeing if my shapes are working


One more quick pass before bed.


I like what you’ve done with the colors and compositiion, even at this early stage. I’ll be watching this.


pretty cool idea :thumbsup:



Another small pass just to see if this is working.


sound idea and nice image so far…i hope you keep it sorta dat and contrasty like it is now…

the image has excellent potential :slight_smile:


the bg with the waves and the ship need sumthin more, i think i liked the original
compostion more with regards to that

also dunno about the new character… maybe if it wasnt so back towards the viewer…
could be lookin up or to the side maybe…with a big bag of luggage on his back or sumthin



Thanks Squib. What looks like waves now will be mist or a low fog. I agree that the foreground character needs work. I just dropped a dark shape into the foreground to see if something would work there. Good suggestions.


Just another pass using digital airbrush. Up to now it has been mostly digital water. Still working out some of the shapes.


like this one…
the cool colors…
the fog…
hey this ones got it all…

I kind of find myself wanting that one mouse with the bag to sort of be steping off into the light a bit… maybe just a leg and and an arm (and tail) or somethin…

looks great!



Another pass. I’m starting to resolve the main characters. i’ll also begin to resolve some of the detail in back and adding more interest to the extreme foreground.