The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Carlos Ranna


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: New concept… Whatever…


Good luck everybody!! This is going to be so fun!!


yo dude , welcome!



Just doodlin… I´ve been doing some design for the “desert people”, and i tought they could fit here…

Those guys are nomads and it seens like the father is trying to get things together so he can get the road (or sand…) with all the others guys.


Falaí brother… lets have some fun here!


the characters look cool

waiting 2 see how it takes life…

all the very best

hope i live up 2 my nations reputation…

thanks for the reply mate

it was encouraging 2 have reply being a new member


Hi carlos. It’s good see you here.

Good luck! :thumbsup:


Hey From Hell =P =P

Best of luck for ya… hope to see u winning this one =P

ups ups ups



Hey there Carlos! Good to see you here!
Funny characters so far, maybe play a little with the angle…
Keep it up…
Subscribes :slight_smile:


Squibbit - Thanks mate!

LIOI - That´s the point, right? Cool website you´ve got there!

iamawizard - Thanks man. I´ll post some more things about the character later, but i´m starting to envision some new ideas for this piece. I think this is going to be cool!

ziriguidum - Good to see you too man! Good luck to you on the 3D Journey, it´s showtime! HUahuauha!

Raffael - I doubt i can win those crazy great artists here, but i´ll definitelly give it a try, hahaha! This first image i did began with the idea i was starting to work around for our Arena in CGArt… Now, tell me, where the hell is your thread mate? Take a part on the process, it´s not the destination that matters, it´s the journey (hehe… advice and challenge theme are matching…)! We have a lot to learn on this challenge, hope you take a part on this one!

Thanks everybody for the participation. Hope you all come back! Updates son!


Hey MichaelMotion! I´m honored to have you here buddy! I´ll definetelly change this “very simple point of view”.

So… You are going 5D, right? Wish you luck, and i´m going to subscribe on your thread too. I love your work!


hey Carlos!
that sketch is looking promising, are you planning to mix traditional and digital media like the last time?
Have a lot of fun buddy, see you around! :beer:


A few characters and vehicle design…


What´s up Elmasfeo!!! Totally digital this time mate, that´s for sure! Or almost sure… We never know…


This is my new idea. I´m still brainstorming. Trying to heat the body…


Hi Carlos, glad to see you here!

Besides, nice style! I haven’t understood the idea yet, but it’s OK because you’re still brainstorming, and that’s one of the most important stages…

Good luck man, destrói ae!!


Ha ha, I like the last concept!! Very original!


Last idea very original !

I see spectators,tv cameras on the sides and 1 million of challengers with a microscopic scale compare to the vagina sides and a lot of events ^^


Hello Diogo - The fact is, i still don´t have an idea… But in case you didn´t understand the last image, it´s about some sperm running to get there! Anyway, thanks!

Zycho - Hehe… Glad you liked man! Thanks!

Well guys, even tough i think this last one is a great concept, i doubt it can turn out to be a breath taking image, so… I´ll think of something else an see what i can do…


Hehe Mascou77, good idea about the TV Cameras and all! That can make the scene much more interesting!

No time now, but i´ll post another concept i had later today!