The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Hey, I really like this composition the best so far. :thumbsup:


Yeah, much better, but i would take off an inch below your page and add an inch on the top. Your horizon line is centered.

Question, are you using warp perspective?

be back again bro. The colours i dig a lot :thumbsup:


I like post 158 but as the guy above (arc80) said, the horizon seems too centred- I would lower it and see the people from a lower perspective, with the mountain looming up behind them. :thumbsup:


Bryce! This is one giant leap for your painting. I admit I missed the previous updates and therefore was completely blown away by this last update.

I don’t think it’s bad that the viewer seems to be on a lower level. Makes the journey so much more epic (reaching a higher ground, stuff like that).



3dRaven-Done! I’ve made them thanx dude!:thumbsup:

Wayne jermaine-Thanx dude! glad u dropped by!

makaron- I can’t wait for u, haha! I gotta keep on pushin’! yeah thanx, I wanted to include the viewer into the painting, which will bring this world to life, it will depend also on how well I paint as well!!

mybutterflyiris- Thanx, still working on it! I am almost happy with it!

Arc80-Yeah, lets try that, yeah somewhat, but more of three point! past the horizonline points it seems to warp, so I will have to fix that, I don’t know if the warp would have a better feel! But thanx, for the input!

paperclip-Thanx, theresa, I will fix that! No afro this time!:smiley:

Mr. Mu- Well, with the amount of feedback that I recieved, I found something a little more comfortable to paint on! Thanx for ur insight, they really helped! I am almost ready to detail work, soon that is!


Here is an update made some changes here and there! I will continue with making minor changes!Thanx!


There’s two areas I am already absolutely in love with:

  • the steps in the foreground. Exquisite lighting on those. Also my view always returns to them as if I’d like to enter the painting. Just cool.

  • this absolutely out-of-reach high up in the clouds goal/aim/target of the journey. Makes it all almost spiritual, but not too straight forward.

You notice I feel totally different about the whole approach with this version…:scream:

[left]suggestion: the pose of the beckoning character’s lantern arm looks…well not unnatural, because it is possible to hold a lantern like this, but… somehow unpleasing. Too many square angles maybe…:shrug:


Hey bee. The expedition concept’s really working for you man. Dont got nothin’ to crit that’s why I havent been posting. It was great to watch your progress though, I cant wait for the amazing details that you’re gonna put on these dudes. Keep it up man. The fish eye view’s interesting too. I dont know how to do that yet :slight_smile: ~peace!


the mood in this one is getting better and better… :applause:

is that me in the left corner?.. about to catch up! ha ha


Reallly sweet work. The concept is a lot better that the previous one. And I gotta agree with Mr.Mu on the arm thing, it looks awkward. I really like the direction it goes into.


Really strong composition, Beelow. I like that concave-parting-the-red-sea type of layout you have.

A couple of suggestions you might consider:

  1. The left character is cropped off at a tangent. Perhaps move him to the right some or extend the canvass to the left.

  2. I’m aware you have a long ways to go, but make sure you change the arm holding the lantern to a three quarter view as oppose to the flat orthogonal view.

In any case, amazing work thus far! :thumbsup:


very interesting perspective and use of warm/cool color contrast. also like the main character… nice job.


Hi mate, Your composition and color tone is interesting. Good job :slight_smile:


Yeah, the composition is much better. I say stick with straight lines so you dont have to warp your characters as well.
Oh and about the character on the left side, personally, i would move him a bit forward, make him ahead of the character on the right side so you can get that nice receading size between all of your characters to help the distancing. Just a suggestion :argh:

peace out bro, be back


It’s looking good. Don’t forget about the transition between foreground and distance. You’ve got a couple of problems - firstly, the grey section in the foreground; because it’s a similar colour to the background, it confuses the eye. Second, the steps don’t look good being horizontal, I’d suggest making them curve (i.e. the arc of a circle).


You are doing realy good Bro…:thumbsup:


Mr. Mu- thanx dude, I will get to fixing the arm, I am going to have to take some reference shots for the guys in the front!:cool:

ahbeejieh- Thanx dude glad u dropped by good luck with ur entry, I will be dropping by from time to time!

makaron- thanx mona, no silly that is not u, hehe, that is a guy, that is what i am going to make him!:stuck_out_tongue:

MikeTheHunter-aight will do dude, I am not far in the painting with the figures, thanx mate!

danielh68- Thanx for those suggestions dude, I will make those changes!

jevinart- Thanx, I am comfortable with my color palette. Now I just solve things now!

ppook- Thanx, that is what I wanted to focus on first getting the compo down then my color pallete, It seems to work!

Arc80- Yeah, I am thinking of doing that, I am still debating on stuff though, so I will see what works!

BaronImpossible- Thanx, let see what I do first, If so I will make these changes to suit this compo well! U havee been a big factor in the success of this piece!

sergioKomic- Thanx dude, I know, I know, we gotta get back to the collab battle, I am graduating finally! Yipee!!!:smiley:


Here is another update based on some of the suggestions. I still have to make the arm adjustment and fix the guy all the way to the left! But, at least there is more of that guy, I maty eventually make him larger in scale, a tad more than the other guy. Moving him I may have issues with those steps reading as steps, well here it is!


i prefer the 1st update… i think the forced perspective or bird’s eye is a bit too much. i think the image warping and the bird eye is too distracting.


hi bryce ,
havent forgoten u . just been busy . i looked everything i miss since now and all i can say is you are making great progress on each update . i love the colors u finally chose and the final composition and the circular motion for the comp goes to the payback on the castle :smiley: great job