The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


the compo and atomoshphere looks awesome mate!! very mysterious for me ,little bit scary haha,keep it up and cheers :bounce:


really like your fish eye lense effect.
will be watching man…


There is a great sense of scale in the most recent one. I agree with the1stangel though, the guy looks like he’s looking at a tiny animal…Looking forward to where this goes!


beautifull atmosphere i love the way you opposed colours!! great work mate!!:smiley:


I like this composition the best. I like the mix of colors as well. The foreground character is a nice lead in to the piece.



the1st_angel- LOL, get some sleep dude! hahaha! It’s funny that u said that, hmmm well see what I do next, I like both and yes that is the major problem with the latest one, Hmm I wonder how I can fix it?

Michael Chang- Yeah, creepy and mysterious is what I am intending, for this piece, I think this may be successful!:thumbsup:

Neubius-Thanx! I am still contemplating on it though, I may end up doing the other, still not sure though.

yAdam-Hmmm, u know what, I think I may add some children and a couple of dogs!

calisto- That, homegirl! It was kinda difficult at first, but using Paul Davidson’s Master and Servant entry help a bit to get what I was going for! Thanks Paul!:thumbsup:

jcrawfor_us-Yeah, at first I was not even thinking of it, then I decided to do it, I wanted to include the viewer into the painting! Thanx bud!:thumbsup:


The last one is definitely the best! What an improvement in just a couple days… colors are great, compositon too. I don’t really get the feeling I’m a small animal from this one, more like I’m on a ledge, below or crawling on all fours, or both.


I must agree with the1st_angel about how the pic could be read, but the latest updated pic is the most interesting by its dynamic and composition. So instead of reading the story as if u r some little fellow back there, u could even improve the dramatic feeling by adding some stairs on the lower part of the pic. Thats how the viewer will have the feeling of climbing up to something greater, the man infront is calling him up to hurry up and the problem is solwed with some minor changes :slight_smile: just my opinion. keep up with great work buddy! u r doing very fine!


Wow great compositions i also prefer the last one with the nice mixed colors.:thumbsup:


kind of mono crome i think… but still rocks hard :smiley:


Great doode ! i love your painting ! u have skill doode :smiley: keep it this way !

Good luck ! I’ll keep an eye on ya !:scream:


Hi Bryce,

Great composition, mate! Just be aware of anatomy of the nearest figure, could get off a bit…
I don’t know, maybe i’m wrong.
Can’t wait to see how it’s gonna turn.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

My Journey Begins


Nice idea friend! I love colors atmosphere and backround a lot, composition is very good too. keep working :smiley:


I like the last one :slight_smile: I feel like a small creature looking up. and thinking, wait for me, I´m running as fast as I can! I don´t wanna miss this journey… and for the challenge theme, thats perfect…


Nice sketches. The last one is quite dramatic. A few things, though ~ watch you don’t exaggerate the perspective too much in the foreground, else it will look distorted. Also, the transition from warm to cold colours is quite sharp. If you graduate this, and perhaps link foreground to background more (by means of a path, or steps maybe) then this would improve the feeling of depth.


Stahlberg-Thanx Steven! I am gonna play with it a bit before I start to cut in my detail!

NinjaASSN-Thanx! that is a great idea lets see, what I can do!

FlaminGlow- Yeah I may end up going back to that one, we’ll see!

Slav- My ass, LOL! Thanx for the support bud!:smiley:

-KiD-- Thanx dude! glad to see u drop by!

Chupacabra- Thanx for dropping by, I will make some changes in the anatomy! Let me know what is bothering u next time around, I will have a clearer vision of what is going on wrong!
thanx for dropping by!:smiley:

rawwad-Thanx for dropping by Tibor!

makaron-Thanx Mona! I am going to change it a bit to see how everyone like that one!

BaronImpossible- Thanx dude, U give the greatest of tips, most definitely will pay attention those that u have mention!:thumbsup:


Impressive pic so far Bryce :slight_smile:

Nice camera angle and colours.

Are the guys further down the path the right scale?? They seem rather tall compared to the wall next to them. Maybe some depth of field could help the illusion though.

Maybe tilt the lantern of the guy on the right, he’s moving forward so inertia would make it tilt towards the viewer.

Waiting for more updates :smiley:


here is the up and down compo, I think I like it now, what do u guys think up and down, or left and right?


very nice man its coming along well


yeah… :thumbsup: me like…

when I start look at it, my eyes follows from left upper “the light” and down to the right and then into the middle… and the people are in that “line”… and I still get that feeling… wait for me! :bounce: