The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


here is the next Step! finna go ahead and do some more painting b4 I settle for one! I may go ahead and do several different Variations!


That is a pretty wild looking sketch


Elfuego- Wassup buddy, glad to see u here! Yeah it me a bit to get this going!

Xric7- Yeah thanx bud, Not great at all yet, hehe!

W!- Yeah it almost seems that I am everywhere now! hehe thanx for stopping by!:smiley:

monsitj- Heya, bud, oh I won’t my eyes are fine now,I think someone may have done an eyegouge on me or somethin’, hehe hope to see u around bud!

JTD- Thanx man, good luck with urs as well!

GrM- I don’t know if the concept is necessarily original, but Let see what I come up with! thanx for dropping by!

MDN67- Hey wassup Laurent, thanx!:thumbsup:

Slav- Yeah I am still gonna play with it!

Poshspice- Yeah, I am pumped about this! Hehe!

rblitz7- Yeah, thanx man!

Agamemnwn- Nice Ideas, I will draw based on those, thanx!:thumbsup:

enialadam- Woot! Glad to see ur back in the challenge!

MrFreeman- Thanx David, good luck with urs, astonishing spectacular work dude!:thumbsup:

Annemee- Yeah that is pretty much What I am doing, hehe! Thanx Mate!:slight_smile:

PSych- Yeah I am just getting warmed up! hehe!

Gord MacDonald- Thanx!

Arc80- U know!! Wassup from Vegas mcuh luv!:smiley:


You’ve made a great start! Congrats… the beginning and the end are the hardest :wink:

Good luck!


Hi, Bryce!
good luck to you!:slight_smile:


I like the atmosphere you’ve already deployed. Good luck to you and I’ll enjoy watching your progress!


I like the concept.
Good luck man! :thumbsup:


looking good bryce ,

glad i helped is comming along very nice :smiley:


Nice start - (Its already got my attention - and interest).



Lovin’ those little details already… figure top-left in distance on rock.
Keep going! :thumbsup:


Lync-Thanks, a bunch yeah always the hard to start, but when it comes to finishing, U don’t know when to call it finished!


BluePulse-Thanx, still thinking on what I should do!

Agamemnwn-Yeah u really did, help to open up more options with this image thanx, much appreciated!

Gord MacDonald-Always glad to see people interested in my work!

MichaelMotion-Yeah still have to play with it some more, but I am gonna go ahead and do some concepts!:wink:


Greetings, Bryce! :slight_smile:

About! Something is planned grandiose! Good beginning!
Good luck!


Get workin man…:thumbsup:


wow impressive dimensions! looking great, keep on goin mate!:wip:


Nice start Bee :slight_smile: Will be interesting to see what you come up with, really liked your Spectacular 2d entry. Keep it up


Very cool looking concepts, they give a great feel of the narrow passage. Can’t wait to see more. :slight_smile:



Your concept sketch is very symmetrical… very intriguing. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this turns out


hi bryce! just a quick hello and welcome! :bounce::bounce::bounce:
your conceptsketch is already vivid in my mind :slight_smile:

best of luck! yay!


Here is another I wanted to do, hehe!

I want to try to do a bunch more with this, add some more chaos, sum drive by shootings, pimps and hoes, and just ganstaz everywhere. I want to kinda poke fun but at the same time illustration something that goes on in the hood of black America, sort of like Friday style. It is a journey for this young thug in the hood, The little boy I mean.

Right now I am just playing with the compo trying to figure out what will work in this one!:slight_smile:


Heheh, nice style on the second one :thumbsup: I’ll surely be watching it developes :slight_smile: