The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Ok, well I’ll say the usual good job, blah, blah blah, congrats I really like. Sure you heard that a million times. Anyway I’m really mad at you! Why didnt you tell me about that contest !!! ARRRRGGGGG You’re lucky your such a good artist, otherwise I’d have found your address and sent my ninja assassin samurai robots after you for not telling me about that contest and having me wait another year before i can join another one : (

-But nice job finishing…Seriously…nice job


Dude, you’ve evolved by doing this piece, the best artwork I’ve seen from you :slight_smile: All three thumbs up! ( well, I’m a mutant… :stuck_out_tongue: talking about X-men fan, eh? :smiley: ) CONGRATS!

And AAAARGH! didn’t have time to finish mine :frowning: But I will finish it, just it won’ tbe in the concets, unfortunatelly :frowning: And it seemed like a reaaaaly long time.


good poop, man. you defnately came a really long way on this one. that’s what it’s all about, right?

good on ya,


Great job Bryce, good luck!


job well done!:slight_smile: best of luck! cheers


Great work!! Great Image!! Good luck!!:slight_smile:


Thanx, everyone for the replies, I will reply personally later tonite! Peace fam!:thumbsup:


Waouww Bryce… I start to follow your 3d realization unfortunetely stopped, but I’ve totally missed your 2d thread… damned…

…your image is really good man… I like the framing of your composition, and especially tones used… really fantastic, this mood is perfect… then, congratulations and especially best of luck for the final judging step :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



You really pulled this one together. For a long time there was alot of things that didn´t work that well. -The lighting and colors were pretty messed up but I guess that blockmodel did the trick.
In the final the lighting is spot on and the colors works great aswell.
Nice to see such a progress during theese months.
Good luck!


Way to go, Bryce, congrats on finishing. All fo the lighting really came out nicely, and I really like how you renderred the light on the skin. Great work, and props to you, man! :slight_smile:



Oh man, I didn’t notice all the new updates you have made! Finally you achieved what I’ve been asking you to do:- the details! Nice, nice and really glad you got rid of the god-rays! Now this really looks fantastic! Congratulations!


Great work Bryce! This is definitely something to be proud of. It’s nice to see it finished…I came in on your production a bit late, but I’m glad I made it for part of the ride.

Best of luck - (here and there)



WOW, I have been away too long. Great detail and lighting!! Good Work!


Hi beellow,
Great work in final image, congratulations! :thumbsup:
and thanks for your tips in my thread. :slight_smile:

good luck dude


Hey dude, cool image ! you geting better and better ! :slight_smile:
best of luck in voting process!


I love the colour and the lighting effects. Well done!


Wow nice final Bryce :thumbsup: I really like the colors. Nice sharp details too :slight_smile:


Like Britney, you did it again Bryce !
Great job ! Your final picture is really cool !
I wish I would be able to paint like this !


Great Work Bryce - been away on holiday, so sorry for the delay in congratulating you on finishing

Looks really good and the weight of the backpack, etc. really makes the hand 100% more believable.

fantastic final entry - good luck and thanks for all the advice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


Segvoia- thanx a bunch! Wish you would have finished your entry.

Micheal 87- Thanx buddy! Hope to see something from ya in thunderdome!:smiley:

Makaron- Thanx, Mona! Yeah I guess I did hehe!

Smik- Tjhank you smik! Hope to see you in the next one!

MichealZHsee- thanx, dude! Will be expecting something from ya buddy! See you at thunderdome!

adonihs- Hey thanx, a bunch dude! Good luck with your entry and see you next contest!

Atris- Thanx, Sergey! Back at you! good luck!:thumbsup:

TheFirstAngel- Thanx Sacha for the help with getting this entry together! I really did improve with this painting! Now on to the next painting!

Paperclip- Thanx, theresa, good luck with yours as well, I hope that you help alot, don’t worry I am disappointed in my entry as well, paint on!:thumbsup:

Slav- thanx buddy, I really like your entry as well!:thumbsup:

CoreyArtE- thanx for the support! Major props to you for your image! I hope that alot of people do not show up for the thunderdome so you can be in as well! Again sorry for not reminding you dude. Peace and see you around!:thumbsup:

Novacaine- Thanx buddy! I hope to rock 3d next time around! I said I was going to do this one but never got around to it. I got a little to ambitious again on my 2d! See you next contest!

FIDUCOISE- Thanx dude, for helping me out with my entry, your crits really helped and I am going to try some of your tricks! Peace and see you at Thunderdome!

Cyberone- Thanx for stopping by Simon, good luck with your entry as well!

Neubius- Thanx, bud glad that I am finished! I wish you the best of luck with you image!

Mythmaker- thanx dude, see you at the thunderdome! I saw your name in there somewhere. good luck with your entry!

Squibbit- thanx Panu, I try! I am starting to better understanding of color, now to get good with it is the next step!

EdP-Art- That sounds like a plan, is everyone here in this contest up to dedicating a piece to do this at all? If you step back in this thread let me know what is up!

mmbenya- Thanx Matt, yeah I think I may have overdone it though, But it still turned out pretty good. Thanx. YOu rock the 3d though!

CoreyArtE- Yeah sorry again about that dude. I remember seeing that you wanted to enter and did not give you the word. I hit up people on msn and got them over there. You got msn messenger? Thanx again for the support dude!

MikeTheHunter- Thanx Mike! Yeah, sorry to see you not finish this contest, there will be more! See you in the next one and I will catch up with you on msn! Peace!

anzibon- Thanx! Yeah that is what it is about! growth!

Sideache- Thanx for the helpful crits dude! and good luck to you as well!

bumskee- Thanx bud, see you over in thunderdome!

Dalton_Muniz- Thanx, stop it! you making me blush, hehe!:love:

beelow- YOu take to long to respond to people! shame on you!!!

Lemog- Yeah, I got ambitious with my 2d again and listened to the guys here, hehe! I will finish my 3d one up though and submit it to the final gallery!

Norberg- Yeah thanx! I was having problems solving these things. It can be better though. But, I work this one to exaustion, and am moving on to the next thing. Thanx for stopping by Bjorn!

walrus- Thanx, master Mike! you really helped me with my improvement, and you advice really helped alot. Thanx again Mike and see you next contest!

jeromoo- Thanx moo! Yeah, I overdid it and thought it sucked and lessen that, because it was distracting! mike also clarified that! I hope to see you in the next contest!

Sundance5000- Thanx Sundance! I will see you at thunderdome hehe!

Jose-Pardo- Thanx Jose, where’s your entry? I hope to see you in the next contest dude, missed ya here!

vader- YOur welcome dude, thanx for stopping by! good luck with your final submission!

HamsterFly- That’s the idea! Thanx for stopping by HamsterFly!

webwings- Thanx Webwings! I hope to see you in the next contest, best of luck with your entry!

3dRaven-Thanx dude for stopping by again, I kinda wished I would have shown up on the 3d end.

gpepper- Thanx Gillies! I think I spelled that right…

But, thanx ne ways! You rocked on your 3d! you pulled it together! I hope that I finish the next one, 3d I mean!

MrFreeman- Thanx David! Glad to see you’ve made it safetly. YOur entry is solid dude! And thanx for the helpful crits.

Aight I think that is everyone that replied to the finish entry! Now for the thank you list of you guys that stopped by! Phew that was alot of typing hehe! Will be back shortly to do that list for ya cause I care for all of you!:thumbsup: :smiley: