The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


it… begins… :slight_smile:

heheh, good luck beelow!!! scoots of to rest of the D’s


Here we go and it starts, just working with shapes to figure out my composition, Maybe people traveling to a castle, I need to be a little more creative, hehe, I am so lame right now!


Hi! :slight_smile:

Damn you’r fast! firts concept already posted :slight_smile:
Well, when I get home from work I make my wacom suffer:>

Best of luck for both 2d and 3d!


wow…seem a big journey begins here.great sketch and so fast:thumbsup:


Agamemnwn-Hey thanx! poof* I hope to put on yet another stellar show!

Squib- Thanx bro, seems like u started already, Always ahead of the game, good luck dude!

Digital_bobert-Glad to see u here dude! Thanx!

Micheal Chang- Thanx buddy, I am wonder how ur will turn out this time!:thumbsup:

makaron- Cool, little face u got there, Mona! thanx, I will keep an eye on ur thread!

MichaelMotion- I am so ready for this journey!:smiley:

Kamjar Fadai- thanx Kam, I am interested to see what ur entry is going to look like!

Elsie-Yeah I am going 5d!

paperclip- Its not a fro anymore its a pony tail, hehe!

Mr. Mu- Thanx bud, I hope u enjoy my next entry!

duddlebug- If I can’t beat ya, talk trash with ya, haha! Good luck chap!:smiley:

Zapan- thanx Steph, I hope to keep u interested in my thread, hehe!

Queensoul- Oh I already doing so, thanx for the concern, that makes me happy, time to get focused though on more important things in life, this contest, Haha!

LexLe-Hey, wassup bud! Thanx a bunch!

Rudeone- Sup Rude, Welcome to the pits dude!

sergioKomic- I am an artist… Hehe!:smiley:

FrozZT- Lets see what I can come up with, maybe something cool this time!:thumbsup:

Thanx Jim, rest of the Whaa?:rolleyes:


hey mate… from venus revisited on CA to cgtalk challenge… hello again and good, luck


hey ! mate , nice to see you! don’t hurt your eye too much dude!


[font=Verdana]I thought your Spectacular 2D entry was extremely imaginative and I loved the characters’ behaviors and emotions. This one is going to be no less ‘spectacular’! Get it?:smiley: Anyway, enough of my banality…I can’t wait to see this fleshed out! Have fun and good luck.[/font]


looming mountain destination, dangerous trail; sign me up!


Hey nice to see you for this new challenge guy good luck:)



just wondering if you can flip that work sideways i think you need to use landscape dimensions instead of portrait :slight_smile: and i think it would look alot better.

looks awesome though… :thumbsup:


Hi Bryce! You got work up already! :slight_smile: Good luck man!


Hey! I liked your last challenge piece! lets see what you come up with this time!:thumbsup:


hi bryce,

its nice concept. maybe they are on a pilgamige and thats why they travel to the castle? or maybe its a rebelion with torces in the middle of the night . the journey to break the chains of supression .


Hey hey! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this challenge! woot! :eek:


:thumbsup: Good to see you back Bryce and can’t believe that you’ve already started!!

Looking forward to seeing something really impressive

Good Luck :bounce: :slight_smile:


Off to a good start! Dont worry about lame ideas, these first few days/weeks whatever, are for brainstorming :slight_smile:


Hi Bryce!
Good luck with the challenge :thumbsup:
Nice start, i’m looking forward to seeing more…


Hey Bryce - good luck!



Damn dude, you’re already starting out fast, yeah. Vegas in the house :scream:
Goodluck and will be seeing you more.

holla from NY