The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Good work Bryce:thumbsup:
Best of luck!


“Come on!” he says.

I am thinking I must be outta my mind to even follow this dude, I can’t believe this nicca got me out here, on this raggedy a$$ Bridge!

“Come on Brotha! We are almost there, you will be fine!” He says.

Why is the nicca in me telling me to turn back. Get out of this before I get in to some shizznat! But, I am also curious to see what is above those clouds as well. So I follow.

“Now that’s the spirit, no punking out Darkness!” He laughs.

I smerk a little! Damn, come to think of it am I that damn black? “Yo, you making fun of me?! I would look in the mirror, cuz!” Damn, black men on an adventure! that is wild! I think to myself. I feel like that crocodile hunter or somethin’ like that.

Ok, I hope that little, excerpt is acceptable. I planned to do something that was adventurous, a bit dangerous, and eerie. I hope that I succeeded with this image, in doing that. These guys are have discovered something in the clouds above, the clouds that never move. They are curious and the set out on the adventure! This is their beginning…

Peace ya’ll! I had fun! And got a lot of crits, and led to the improvement of my work, I hope to continue to grow with my art and I am hoping that you guys stick around, to witness my growth, I made new contacts as well, and I am honored to have surprise some of the top cg artists around the world. I hope that you guys will continue to follow up on me. That makes me happy. I will devise a list of people to thank later as I did in Spectacular. Again many thanks to the bunch of ya, you guys and gals are great, and to be here with so many that are talented as well! Peace, Fam!


Yo bro,congratz on finishing your Journey, I love the facial expression and the lighting so much,
you know, purple and blue are my fav colours hehe,best luck for you, cheers


you did it… and you did it in style…:thumbsup: looks great… :bounce:


It is delightful, shadows, prospect, patches of light, it is very glad for you, success.)


nicely done mate:Dvery welldone,the composition,the colors and the mood,always love the blendings between the cool and warm colors:)good luck in the final judging my friend,i’m off to do the thunderdome challenge now:scream:


as we talk, heh, very sick piece bro. i think the lighting at the way top adds a lot more depth to the pictures, and the broken bridge makes me think of Indiana Jones =) and if you know me, thats always a plus. congrats on finishing!


Hi Bryce!
Congratulations! Very good work! I wish you good luck in the next stage of the challenge! :slight_smile:


man you went trough such a progress, cant tell you enough how much you improved on this piece. i am amazed and happy you pushed yourself to bring up this bombastic piece and wish you all the best on the finals :slight_smile: keep on rocking!


Congrats on being finished and good luck!


hey brice great image. i like how the figure turned out… wishing you best of luck with this one man. :thumbsup:


Man this came out fantastic, I especially love the bridge. Good luck in the judging man!


Great job Bryce. Really nice image. This would be a great intro to a video game. Walk across the bridge then it breaks behind you and there’s no turning back. Great technique and style. Good luck man.


Great job dude!! congrat for finishing and good luck in judging


good work on finishing dude,… :slight_smile:
youve made some amazing progress since the beginning…and all the changes have payed off…
the 3d props were the best move i think…after that its been all sweet :slight_smile:

all the best…



stopping by to wish you luck man, its been loads of fun, love your work.

peace out,


Great work beelow! Congrats! - Nice sense of atmosphere - and I like how the character draws you into the painting…

Good luck! :thumbsup:


dude, wowz, pretty cool! :thumbsup:



Lovely pic Bryce, well done and it looks great here in its finished state. The details are great.

It struck me that we could make a story with a number of pics from this challenge. Here’s the bones of it…
A Soul gets drawn down into the physical worlds (see EdP-Art )
The Soul gets a physical body and is born (see BlackDidThis )
It goes through many tasks and adventures (here’s just a few suggestions MrFreeman

Jerome might even put it to poetry :slight_smile:



Hey there Bryce, stunning image, you’ve really packed in the details! :thumbsup: You have done an excellent job with the lighting and mood/atmosphere! Great work and best of luck to you man!

Matt :slight_smile: