The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Woh, this has changed (again) since I checked last! I must say it’s very much improved now! No crits really. Ok let me try to nitpick something just so you can see that I’m trying :slight_smile:

The rock formation on the upper left seems too smooth and regular in outline. If you back off a bit and squint, it seems to stand out a bit too much because of that.


Here is the latest which way do guys like the compo to be? Nearing the end! :slight_smile:


Art2- Thanx Marlon!:thumbsup:

Stahlberg-Yeah I see what you mean, at first I was like what the hell does he mean, now I just caught that, Let me break that shape up a bit! Thanx Stahlberg!:thumbsup:


Very good work!
I like the compo on the left! I don’t know why, but such is the case! :slight_smile: Good luck!


Wow ! great !! It is much improved since my last visit ! Great work ( The colors, the light, the painting, the composition, the way we are invited to enter in the picture … ) !! For my part i prefer the version where the guy is on the left.


Yeah, I think the left is better too. Nicer flow - hand, lamp, other guy, sky.


everything seems to be looking in order man. the only thing that still bugs me is the guys hand. i dont know why :frowning: good stuff though finish it up and relax!


I like the one on the left. The image is great! :thumbsup: I agree that there is something about the hand and I think it’s the area between the third and fourth fingers.


really glad you decided to stick with it ! :slight_smile: its REALLY come togther .
( i preffer the one on the left btw )

good luck!


the wait for me feeling is back… good work Bryce… and my vote goes to the left one…


great job so far man, this is really turning out to be a great piece :] also got your IM on MSN, CA’s a little tough on judging, so i need to improve still! :slight_smile:

but ya, nice pic bro.


:slight_smile: Great work Bryce…

Don’t want to be Mr unoriginal, but yep, I think the composition with the chap on the left works best…

I think the hand looks a bit strange - probably as it looks like he is virtually straining / stretching his hand as if it hurts or something - if the tendons were less defined and his hand was beckoning more I think it would work better…

But hey this looks really something and you are nearly there - hope you don’t mind the thoughts about the hand, but with such a great image, I thought it worth mentioning…

Looking forward to seeing the final high res. version

Dave :slight_smile:


Hi Bryce, it’s coming along very nicely. For some reason I like the pic on the left. You are a contender for the God Rays club too, they’re good.

As I was looking at your pic it struck me that it is showing the opposite side to the pic I’m doing. I’ve got a Soul looking down a spiral to the depths below, you have us looking from the depths of the darkness to the light above. They might make a good pair. :hmm:

Well done, it’s a great pic.



Nice idea! Good details. I waiting for continue!


woohoo! Awsome result. I think the left one, it leads your eye into the painting better in my opinion.

Great work Bryce!!


Atris-Thanx Sergey!

ElectroNico- Another left thanx buddy!

Art2-Thanx Marlon!

Slav- Yeah I will figure it out dude don’t worry! Thanx!

Samanthie-Thanx will fix that problem I am gonna shoot another reference shot to get that right!

Neubius- Thanx buddy, I will drop by your thread to check out your final!:thumbsup:

makaron- Thanx mona, you such a sweetie, another persons thread I got to show some love to, hehe!:smiley:

adonihs- Yeah I hear that, It will only get you better, You should join it, I know that some of the guys drop out if they don’t have the time to do it! Good lukc with your entry dude!

MrFreeman-Thanx david, I will lessen the strain and relax the hand a bit! Thanx again!:thumbsup:

EdP-Art- Thanx buddy! Yeah I am gonna have to take another look at your entry, As I did not notice that you have done that. Cool beans!:smiley:

hdhcg-Thanx for dropping by! I will be finishing tonite or tomorrow!

enialadam-Thanx! how are are you doing with your entry btw?

As I have mentioned b4 I will be fininshing mines up! Good luck to everyone,as you guys have been a great help to this image and the improvement of my work, best of luck all!:thumbsup:


Wa up bro,
Such improvements on your piece. Colour is great and i dig the composition. I like the left side too for some reason… i think it reads well. I dont know if you are done with the front character yet, but some areas of the clothing looks a bit flat.

Anywho, great job and cant wait to see it done.


Myself, I prefer the comp with the man on the left. Then the flow of the painting is from left to right, which is more intuitive (at least for a a speaker of English and many other languages. I’m sure someone from Israel would disagree with me on that! :slight_smile: )

I also find the god-rays to be extremely distracting. They help to emphasize the light pouring in from the top of the screen, which in turn makes me think, “So why do these guys even need lanterns?” Your earlier versions depicted a darker chasm which was spooky and full of mystery. It’s possible that the more light you pour in from the top, the more you’re losing that creepy feeling and getting away from your original intent. Instead it feels to me like you’ve got 2 halves that don’t match, a cheerful sunny top and a dark, mysterious bottom.

Also, as we’ve said several times over, you don’t even need to have god-rays in your picture to be a part of the god-rays club. You just need to say the secret password, which is “god-rays,” and actually not all that secret, come to think of it. Anyhow, don’t mess with your value composition just on our account!

Good luck…



haha beelow you crack me up man. YOU OWE ME YOUR 1ST BORN! hahah j/k, you do great work and am glad you take the time visit me at all. btw your whole flip thing is like tomato and tomato… i guess it sounds better when you say it … minor detail.


Archie, Micheal, Slav, Thanx! Yeah Slav I tend to have that effect on people like that! You should meet me in person I am worse hehe!

I will post my final later today, I am going to get some shut eye. thanx again for you guys support! Be back lata!:thumbsup: