The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


me like a lot… :bounce:


I’m really enjoying the dramatic effect you have going on. I like how you’ve really engaged the viewer.



Here is some details. Going to work the character, bridges and a bit more on the mountains. I am going to flip this so u guys won’t keep looking at the same thing! I will flip it back as soon as I do the final image!


Looking good Bryce… it’s amazing how refreshing an image appears when flipped if you’ve looked at it for a long time…

The character in the foreground is really looking good and you really get a sense of the weight of the backpack from the character’s posture. Still feel the left hand looks a awkward, but this is a very minor comment and I think your main character looks great.

I’m glad I’m not climbing up that path…

keep up the great work


Great stuff Bee! It doesn’t look like you’ve got to much more to finish off. The background you’ve created is fantastic, it really captures the mood of challenge.


This is looking great, Bryce. The hilights on the front man’s face are great, on both sides of the face. (How 'bout a really sharp specular dot on the eye?) And the other details as well, like the hilights on the rocks.

Another idea: The rocks in the lower left, the ones getting a slightly orange light… If they’re being lit by the 2nd man 's lantern, what about a shadow of the sides of the bridge on those rocks?

But that’s all I got. Just keep going! :slight_smile:



the one you latese flip is better! But like I say in msn, the clound is still hard and heavy as a rock. When I learn to paint the cloud, I look at the cloud all days for a while to realize what’s the right color to catch and what is the right stroke to paint. It’s really different feeling to paint the rock and the cloud.

Good luck dude!


looking good. main characters right elbow could be shaved back a bit and his shirt needs some reference. i personally would like to see more value shift as the mountain leads up to the castle/construct/mountaintop, but it reads fine.


Going along very nicely!


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Thanx for the support and crits up until now! Cool stuff guys! Will try to finish this up soon!:thumbsup:


I had to spare some good time on your images…

Because unlike most entries each of them carried a great potential and definitely deserved some time to examine. Actually so was your thread… not the usual/casual spam filled thread.
And it was really fun to try to follow you on your thoughts and improvements.

Your image is going very well with a fine brush quality to it. And I like it a lot…
But not to be saying “it was better”… I can’t understand why exactly you changed your mind on the earlier ‘enclosing’ variations… ones like the post#: 136for example.

Once again: I am not asking to say that it would have been better… it is just that you seem to have gone all this way with particular calculations…
(or I have grown to have a too high impression of you :shrug: )…
I was just wondering why you have decided to go for such a considerable difference and compositional division.

My other question wouldn’t come up unless I had noticed the name you had put your work: “Deadly passage
Well as I examine and try to think of what I feel as I look at the environment… I can understand the title… but it wouldn’t it be so much cooler if the bridge had carried the same feeling in it?
Like as it felt a little less stable/durable some how?
It’s because it sort of dominates your journey in this composition.

Hoping I have still not gotten onto your nerves. Your image is going great and everything presented to me with your entry lacks many aspects of a variety of entries that I personally dislike.

All the best for you Bryce!

Good luck



Hey Bryce. I think you really need to make the bridge look more rickety and dangerous. Right now it looks like a safe tourist area with the main guy our tourist guide.

I think this flipped version is much better than your previous one, so I hope you go with this.

Keep it up, dude!


yaay beelow great work!!:thumbsup:


yo bman, nice story. reminds me of indiana jones for some reason, now go finish it up.


Yeah ! Cool idea and nice colouring. Good luck !!


Really like how this is turning out. I love the colors in this piece especially, but you know I have to suggest something. Maybe have the castle at a different angle. You know, like bend it forward alittle instead of using perspective to make it look like its pointing really high up, and make it bigger too. That’s just my opinion though, I mean honestly it looks rather sweet the way it is. Oh, and dont forget to add falling pieces of rocks from the canyon to realy make the scene feel animated. Goodluck, one of my favorite pieces here. :thumbsup:


Hi beelow,
THis is really coming along. We’ve got some similar themes going on in our entries. :slight_smile: THe one thing that catches my eye is the tangency between the foreground characters hand and his shirt. think his hand gets a little lost in there. It’s just not a clear siloette. I think your warm/cool color pallete is working well for you. Keep it up!!


Here is the latest, not to much to do, just gotta get detail work done, the do some blurring and some god rays that seems to grabs everyones attention these days!


BlackDidThis- Yeah, actually ur right about the other compos! I would have went with those but, I guess at the time, I wanted to add a bit more, to the image, as I wanted this image to be a mysterious and mencing adventure. I wanted to give the feeling yeah this is the beginning, and there are many unknown dangers ahead. Thanx for the time given to my thread by the way. Yeah, as for my thread I want to make it a learning experience and to give everyone a chance to contribute a bit to the piece, I guess working on this to better control what I do and to be very decisive on what elements I want in this entry. Why I went with this, I wanted this compo to be interesting, plus was a little ambitious, with the help of others giving me a push in the direction that I have come to now. I am beating up the bridge as of now giving it texture, and making it look worn, other have commented on that, as that was already my intent. That was merely a block model to get the bridge accurate perspective, and helped solved some lighting issues that I wanted to get pass without the hassle. I hope that it is arriving at being a little dangerous, Indiana Jones style. Thanx black for dropping by!:thumbsup:

jeromoo- Doing as of now, thanx dood! I will post another in this thread see which one you guys want, one way or the other.:thumbsup:

calisto- Thanx Linda, I try!:smiley:

warpy- will do thanx!

Pierrick- Thanx, I wish was a bit better, I guess it works, next painting!

CoreyArtE-Hmmm, falling rocks, let me try that! not much time paint paint paint!:smiley:

anticz-Addressed and fixed! Thanx for dropping by, cool entry by the way on urs!:thumbsup:


beelow, looking great man!
You’re almost there, have fun detailing.