The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Cool Background. I think you should add some blue light on the left (viewer’s left). anyway, keep it up!


yeah… that´s good news…


nice work beelow, the idea you are trying to make looks like it is comming out clearly the back bluish colors gives your image a very nice composition. keep it up man.:thumbsup:


:slight_smile: Great work Bryce…really coming along nicely. Love the background…love the use of colour. Very dynamic (sorry can’t manage long sentences as I’ve been comping shots all day and me old brain has had it).

Thought you were doing a wizard of oz tin man for a minute, but it all becomes clear and a great idea.

Looking forward to the update


cool stuff i think the 3d bit will really help in defining some of the more tricky lighting and shadows. :beer:


Bryce, your image is coming along great, I have one quick crit - the shadow being cast on the bridge. That is going to be a challenge to depict because you have 3 light sources which all will influence the bridge differently - but I know you can do it :D.

For example, the light from the lamp your fore front character is holding will wash out the strength of the shadow that is being cast by the distant blue light source. Given the height of the blue light, it also seems the railing shadows should be shorter.

Otherwise, love the layout, the color scheme and the concept. You tackle perspective with ease and I can usually tell your work with just a quick glance.

Good luck :wink:


Here is the next step, slowly getting there! Peace! XD


Hi Bryce! Very good job! I like it! Only one. It seems to me the gesture must be much more expressive. Now I can’t understand what it means. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hey there Bryce, the 3d blocking is a really good way to help detemine the proper pose, perspective and lighting amid a difficult background. The latest update looks really good as the result! By the way, is he swinging the lamp? There’s a very strong shadow in front of the bridge where the smaller figure is standing in… I didn’t see which structure could cause this. Wait, is it because of the shape of the bridge itself which is bent downwards in the middle? Hey, maybe you want to make the gaps between the planks of the bridge much wider so that the bridge looks rickety and dangerous and also so that we can see the dark(or greenish :P) depths below.

Keep it up!


Hi Bryce

It’s looking good. Were there other bridges further in the background in some of your previous WIPs? Maybe yer man’s arm is covering them. It might be good to put them back as it would give the impression of a longer journey than just the two bridges.
Yer man’s hand seems to have a thumb and just 3 fingers, am I right? He may have lost one on his many trecks up and down this mountain :surprised

Your getting there


looking good bro, i love the new look to it, very defined and rendered well! keep it up man =)


going better and better !

your character is great now.
blocks are a good technique to achieve a good gestures and proportions.
i like your color contrast too.
maybe some little blue/green reflection (like on his left eye) on the left of your guy could bring more volume.


Wow, you’ve put me into shame, man. You’re really hard working dude :stuck_out_tongue: Great progress. It’s really comming along nicely. :smiley:


you’ve nailed the composition and the colors. good stuff. about the bridge, i would angle some of the planks and make the rope sides uneven with a few of them ripped and hanging. Maybe loose a few planks too. just to make it authentic and rickety. Other than that, great stuff. good luck with the detailing.


really love your entry, Bryce. excellent emotion, technique and style. also think your perspective and color choices are top notch! very cool work…


Hi Bryce,

it’s been a long time since I checked the challenge entries and yours, too and I must say I am absolutely thrilled to see the development in your entry!

no crits from me this time. Just sitting back and enjoying your work.


Made some changes! see what u guys think!


Added canvas at the top, right?.. I think it’s better, coz lamp and skylight arent so close together and whole painting looks more free


Lovely updates here Bryce… I’m really really feeling the lighting on it now, the chill blues of the moonlight are perfect, I love how it hits the bridge over the rock and the distortion of the railing’s shadow. And the longer composition works much better. Good stuff!


This update rocks!!