The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Very nice :slight_smile: However I’m not exactly sure if I like it that the man invites the viewer into the journey. I think I’d like it more if the viewer remained just a viewer. I mean if it was a happy picture then the viewer would feel like they wanted to join the scene, but here it’s different. As a viewer I’d rather stay outside, uninvolwed. The journey seems difficult and dangerous, I don’t really like the guy who invites me to join him there :wink:


Hey Brice, nice work here… so far so good ! keep it up buddy!


me like that green light under the bridge… gives a -magic in a way- feeling :slight_smile:


I like how you are developing this far. Keep going. Maybe add just a little detail in that very dark area on the back of the hand to make it look less flat. I like the concept here because it is so unique to involve the viewer to go along on this journey.:slight_smile:


Hello Bryce…it’s good to see that your piece is coming along nicely. I do feel that the sky is a bit too bright. Colorwise, I like the blue more but then it looks a bit monotonous, so maybe u can add a bit of the previous green in it? dunno what that will make it look really…just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


wonderful color & composition
good work! :thumbsup:


Srulo-We’ll see about adding moss I can do the broken bridges though! I still have to do my 3d entry, and time is ticking!:eek:

APHA-Thanx for dropping by dude!

Katea- Initially that is what I want to go for! I want to be a little bit literal with the character in the foreground to include the viewer! But, I understand what u mean, that u don’t want to go, but I think this image is successful if it incite those moods, pretty much what I am going for, I am going to make it a bit more dangerous!:twisted:

idyeaah-Thanx for dropping by, bud!

makaron-Thanx, mona u so supportive! How are u doing with ur entry?

Samanthie-Oh! I am not finished with the character in the front just updating to u guys interested!

Pat-Piper- I will I still want green to be in it, I am not used to using green in my pallet! Where to place it should be my question without it looking to funky.

LexLe-Thanx, what I am trying to get right, more than anything the story across!


Whahahaha, very scary stuff man. But the composition is bang’n. My only crit would be to work on the guy’s face, it seems like his eye are too low on his face. Other than that, keep up the great work. This is an amazing piece, but then again, you allready knew that. :wink:


Looking great Bryce! the sky is looking to monocromatic at this point some more color variation will do :cool:


Wow, I missed lots of updates I see, it’s changed a lot! Looking great! Not sure if you need green in there, and if you do, don’t paint literal green, but nearly totally neutral gray. Try it, put some gray lightly and transparently over the more reddish parts.

One advice I’d like to mention is using 3d for reference - now you’re getting so complex, there’s even an architectural element in there (the bridges). Getting perspective right (down to the finest details, not to mention lighting) would be so much easier if you built the environment in 3d, fairly roughly but with the bridges a bit more detailed, and dummy objects for the people.


Here is a little bit more work, not really alot done to it. I will make the necessary changes in the next update and add some more detail throughout the image! Thanx again for ur support!


Sorry guys, I may have to pull out of the contest, I hope I can finish this entry. But, I may not. Having a lot of personal issues to deal with, so I hope u guys understand, but if all goes well. then. I may be able to finish well see…


I’m a little chubby, so when I see the spiral staircase that your character has to conquer it give me the creeeeeps. (and sweats, too)! Great job, pal! Hope seing it finished!


Nice work ! I haven’t seen it before … I like the perspective and the mood ( nice colors ), it is sad to learn that you might not be able to finish it in time … i hope you will !


That sucks, bryce. I hope things will become better for you and that you’ll be able to return before too long. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

For what it’s worth, your entry is really improving…it’s a shame you have to pull out, hopefully you’ll be back in the future?


hopefully you can sort it all out and all goes well :slight_smile:

i really would like to see this finish. i love this city scape in the background and the colour gradient from the foreground to the background.

theres only one thing bugging me: the back of his head, it seems a bit too big or rather dont know, have to think over it… but else good work :slight_smile:

my best wishes for you.


the lighting on the central character is really pushing him in to the foreground , very effective! particually with your choice of colours for the extreme distance.
btw im sorry to hear you have troubles, hope you dont have to drop out, really enjoying seeing your work develope.


*Corey shouts to the heavens *

Wont be the same without ya bud. I understand, and hope things work out.


Here is the next step. I took Stahlberg’s advice and blocked modeled my characters and the bridge to get the perspective right. This saved alot of time from having to guess the lighting and get it accurate on my own, well here it is!


Looks like I am back in action gang, will be updating again tomorrow! Peace again, and thanx for support the brotha-man hehe!:smiley:

CoreyArtE-Thanx for droppong by corey! Yeah I have dealt with the problem in this update in this update!

Climax-I am going to move the colors around a bit, I usually do that hehe! Thanx dude!

Stahlberg- Yeah I think I update too much hehe! Yeah I want to move a little green in this image, I want to, keep it suttle, so I am still kinda just working, my color pallette right now. I may go ahead and take the green out completely, who knows, hehe. Thanx for the advice Stahlberg, as I was debating on using that technique. I can now paint in this without a problem!:thumbsup:

black_hand_77- thanx, black! I will finish it!

n i c o- Now, I will, just having problems in my life right now, being young isn’t easy hehe!

paperclip- I am back now theresa, I am glad that u left some kind words! I am back, just had to deal woth some stuff, situation almost left me computer-less, but I will be able to get back on this, minor draw-back, phew! I will finish my entry, prolly this weekend!

Llynna- Yeah ur right, it was too, big, I fixed it with my block model now I am going to finish it!

Neubius- Thanx bud, I am back and still, black and poor, hehe! I am back and will finish to the end, thanx for the support dude!

CoreyArtE- Hehe, I am back, ur shouting must’ve worked, thanx again for ur support!:thumbsup: