The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Hi Bryce, be careful when painting the mountains. There are too many green highlights and very bright they are. Instead of making a straight wall, try having varying shapes on the mountains that will result in interesting shadows and lightplay.

I simply don’t trust that man in the foreground! :slight_smile:


Here is the next step, I am not really feeling the green moonlight, let me see what u guys think, b4 I move on!


You have a lot of different light sources, all with different colors- you need to think about which one you want most focus on and downplay the others, otherwise they’ll all conflict!

I’m a woman and women avoid conflict. :smiley:


Like the progress, you really start to feel the depth in the scene.
About the light in this pic. It´s hard to read the different sources. You might wanna make one source more dominant.
Keep it up!


Here I am working it a bit making the environment light more dominant! I will work it out some more, I may switch again, Hehe! trial and error to the fullest! :slight_smile:


These blue color scheme looks better to me.
But I think that shadow of the bottom part of that lamp is a bit to hard - I’d make it a bit smoother and put some blues in the part of path lit by that lamp too… not such a saturated brown/red color as it is.
Nice concept, I realy like that guy, hee looks realy misterious, makes me think if I’d follow him there :thumbsup: :smiley:


Hey Bryce, definitely prefer the new sky colour, and would agree with whats been said on the different lighting you have in here. I am curious as to why that shadow on the bridge is there… surely the light from the lamp would be illuminating it? Or, hang on… is that the shadow cast from the base of the lamp? Mountains look much better now too, with a variation in shapes and planes. Looking good though, keep at it and thanks for your feedback on my own piece!


I prefer the latest sky. Has more impact this time. Not so sure about the green light coming from the bottom. Like everyone says, there are too many light sources here. I’ll drop the green light part. Blue and orange are complimentary colours, so they work well together.

Okay, now its time to add the details to the whole picture, man.

Keep going at it!


It’s got great depth. The journey ahead looms large and trickey.

Like they said, the lighting needs attention.

Lookinng forward to your updates.



The composition is really progressing along great! :buttrock:The choice to move to the new blue clouds seems to work really well too. I liked the old green clouds though, I felt that they gave a really good atmosphere.

Matt :slight_smile:


Whoooaaa. That’ what i call atmospheric perpectivity! :bowdown: Promising!


Yeah man, the foreground character is much better… the hand, the head, it’s working nice now. Very creepy.



Hi Bryce!

I really like your idea! Our ideas have something in common. I like the green moonlight. But I’m not sure that I’m right. :slight_smile:
Glad to see you! And good luck!


I like the green light… can you maybe do a blend of green/blue? and now when you change the face of the frontman, I´m not so sure I wanna write, or feel… wait for me!.. anymore. he looks spookey… :smiley:


Deevad- Sorry, I did not perserve it, I am not used to working with green in my pallete and was getting a bit frustrated with it. It did not feel as natural as I wanted to feel! But thanx for the support!

Ninja55n- Thanx, bud, u really helped with the success of this image! Thanx again!

Arc80- thanx, sorry for the late reply! Yeah I changed it I know, but I feel that this will work better. Plus I can work with that green! Lets see how well I can work with this one!

Paperclip- thanx theresa! Yeah I kinda wanted a night scene now, I change the color pallet, again, made it a little more saturated, to make it a bit more interesting!

arcfire- Yeah I will, I also don’t want to overdo it though! Let’s see if I can bring it to life!

warpy- thanx dude, let me see what I do now, I changed it around a bit.

enialadam- thanx, I am glad that u like this, I am still trying to work it and make it better as I changed the pallet. I am gonna rely on my feeling on what I initially wanted! thanx again for dropping by!

slav- U like that huh, hehe!:smiley:

jeromoo- let me see if I can fix it up a bit, I know I want the green in there somewhere, though! As I still want to give the feeling of danger, I am gonna add some other elements to hightend the mood.

paperclip-Yeah ok whatever, my woman gives me conflict hehe!:smiley: Thanx, I am making changes as of now!

Norberg- Thanx, I will do that!

elgrozni- I will tone it down a bit, I am pulling hella references to help it feel like night!

Zephyri- yeap casting shadows. I may have to decrease the intensity some more as I want the moonlight to be the most dominant! Thanx for the good eye!:thumbsup:

jeromoo- I may just make it green mist! Yeah I think I may drop the green light source if I can’t work with it, thanx again jeromoo!

EdP-Art- Thanx dude, I will make the changes, trial and error!

mmbenya- Yeah, I decided to go for the blue more, as I did not feel the green to be natural. So I made the change. But I may go back to that, hmmm… I don’t know, hehe!

Tremoside- thanx a bunch tremoside, I am glad that u dropped by!!

sean-a-murray-thanx sean! Yeah I was gonna eventually, shoot reference, it was only a matter of time, hehe!

Atris-Hey atris, glad to see that u stopped by dude, thanx a bunch! I may make the change back, It is almost like tetor-toter, hehe!

makaron- I will try it out to see what I come up with! Thanx again mona!:thumbsup:


oops double post!!


Here is the next step, I am still trying to figure out the green I may x it completely! I am just gonna make color changes close to the end, if I need to, hehe!


Here is the next update!


Cool concept. I do have one suggestion. On an old wooden bridge you can always expect to see some missing bars, maybe some moss on the sides…Of course if it was depended on me I would make a none relevant character to fall of! So you can ignore the suggestion…


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