The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Excellent start with coloring Bryce ! Can’t wait to see it finished !


:thumbsup:Nice work Bryce…like the development of the background…lots of depth

I always knew the characters would look great having followed your thread for the Spectacular challenge.

Coming along well and can’t wait to see how this develops…sorry I’ve not been around to comment untill now



Lookin great so far… nice concept!! :cool:


looking better and better with each post :slight_smile:
you made some really tough choices along the was so far and i think they are really comming out very well… :slight_smile:

i think the colours could do with a work over in the future but there is still a lloooooooonnng way to go :slight_smile:

so for now keep it up :slight_smile:


Hey man. Cool piece.

This one might benefit from a little reference. Especially when it comes to the main character. the arm that he has extended towards the viewer isn’t as successful as I think you want it to be, because here is where a significant portion of your viewers are going to start their “journey” into your piece… You I would think about having someone pose for you to get the foreshortening right, and also think about increasing the size of his head.

Also, if you look at the bridge they are walking on, and think about the perspective, the character in the middleground seems to have his legs spread across the entire width of the bridge, while the character in the foreground clearly woudl not be able to do that if he tried, so you might want to revise the middle-ground character’s pose a bit.

It’s coming along man, and has lots of potential. Make sure to keep that light source nice and clean and warm, so that iit makes those characters in the foreground really pop.

Rock on!


Hey there Bryce, I really love the palette you’ve chosen for this image, it is foreboding but still so lively! :buttrock: I agree with what some of the others have said, the flipped view helps to pull you into the composition. Great work man!

Matt :slight_smile:


hi beelow,
excellent background in your scene dude!


Very compelling image, you definitely succeeded in making me feel like I’m part of the action, even though I’m not sure I want to follow this guy, doesn’t look too safe ahead. Great work overall though, lovely background, I am definitely excited about this piece.


this is looking great man =) i actually enjoy it more flipped, I think it opens it up a tiny bit more…and i love the eerie closed in feel, really atmospheric!


working hard on rearranging everything in the image eh?

i really like how the image curves its a really nice touch.


Walrus- thanx for the tips bud. I will make the changes and make it a little more accurate!

GonzaloGolpe- Thanx dude, glad u like it this way!:thumbsup:

anbeejieh- thanx dude, nice Idea will do, I am also gonna add skulls and here and there, animals, humans I don’t know yet. I will find something though!:thumbsup:

Zephyri- Thanx Sam, yeah I am gonna a lot more to increase the drama in this image! I am also worried that I can overdo it, and I do not want to do that as well! Thanx!

MikeTheHunter- Thanx I will pay special attention to that, thanx again!

Arc80- Thanx, ArchieP! Yeah I will continue with it! I may have to revisit the color pallete again, what u think?

Queensoul- Thanx Queenie! I will do my best!

makaron- Thanx, mona I will, try to step it up even more!

sergioKomic- Thanx surge for the support! We still got to do the Exploration, hehe!:smiley:

Jose-Pardo- Thanx for dropping by bud, I will make the revisions dude, I am still unhappy with it, damn!:banghead:

gpepper-Thanx dude, I will try to get it much better!

MrFreeman- Don’t worry dude. I don’t trip! But there are still a lot of improvements that I have to make!

AWaqas- thanx dude, I am glad that u dropped by!

Cyberone- Yeah I know, so I am gonna try to make revision on that, thanx Simon!

sean-a-murray- Naw it isn’t. I shot reference for it! So no worries, I can make the changes now that I have what I want kind of, hehe! I may have to saturate the foreground a bit, still a lot of work to do! Thanx for catching that with with the guy in the middle ground. I can’t believe I missed that, haha!

mmbenya- Thanx dude. I am gonna revisit the colors, to get it a little better!

vader-thanx vader, I try hehe!

ramy badie- Now I got give it a little more realism, now, and give my characters life!

adonihs-Pretty much what I am going for!:thumbsup:

Slav-Thanx slav, I am still going to make revisions final stretch hehe!

I will update as soon as I start working on it again!:smiley:


Hello Brice,
I finally find your thread and took time to watch the complete evolution, your color sheme is really original and I hope you will preserve it till the end. The main characters have a hard perspective and position to draw, If I would have a projet like this I surely have to use a 3D Dummy or some photo of friend reference to had mouvement to pose. I will come back to watch how you will detail your backround and finish characters.
Keep good work in progress ! :wink:

  • David


As I said before on private chats, I think that this “new” composition is great, more adventure like the previous one. As I suggested, there could be a third bridge in the distance, to make a better introduction of a depth of the environment. Im waiting for ur new character paintings. Till than, be good! :slight_smile:


Hmm… the colour pallete… i kind of like it actually. There is something unique about using a more muted colours and its helping the mood of your piece a lot. If you feel you need to add more contrast in colours, i would take advantage of your characters outfit and back up laggages (props and what not). That might help a bit on the eyes to wonder around. But for the environment, i really like the muted colours right now. It just has a lot of mood to it.

Saying that, i think you just need to start cleaning up your contrast and how your light sources are affecting each materials. And be carefull about your clouds repeating the partterns of your rocky mountains :wink: Oh and the lamp that he’s holding, it feels a bit too exaggurated in terms of perspective. Its pretty close to the camera, so i think you can get away with having a bit more straight line to it.

Oh and just a small suggestion, maybe add some flock of birds flying on either the distance or coming out below the bridge. It’ll give it more movement for your picture. Just a suggestion, that’s all :smiley:

other than that, composition is really bloody nice :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

peace bro and be back.


I really like the coloring so far…only crit is that I would make the rocks dark blue/grey right now, as the red/orange just doesn’t gel somehow.
Also, the guy’s arm looks awkward, rather out of perspective. But the clouds and sky are looking really good!

All in all, you’re getting there! Keep going, Bryce! (Did your parents name you after a terrain generating program??)


One of the nicest pieces I’ve seen so far. If it’s in need of anything maybe a bit more detail.

Otherwise very good.



yo beelow, more deatil, more depth. less dark. :slight_smile: keep up the good work man !


Oooo wow! So much has changed since I last visited. I really like this composition and the perspective. Nice colours so far!

Awsome work, I can’t wait to see the next update! :thumbsup:


Just for shyts and giggles, come on guys I gotta have a bit of fun, Mwahahahaha!


AHH dude that guy looks bloody EVIL! no way i would follow his ass ANYWHERE!

holds the baseball bat close… STAY FROM ME!