The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


Here is another update more detail!


Hi, I can see you´re improving your image every update. Keep it that way, and good luck!


Wow! Very beautiful atmosphere! An interesting plot and a composition!
Very much color of a background is pleasant.


your work has a terrific sense of drama and depth. Very engaging!



Very intriguing image. Love the guy inviting us to come along, great idea!
Thanks for stopping by my thread. Best of luck to you!:slight_smile:


It’s a great change! it’s much much better than recent one.
Hee hee I love ya use the bridge that cross the cliff, it make different dimension in ya pic and closing up the front guy can increase his expression too.

Wait to see next step dude!


Sky color choices are cool. Not realistic but cool anyway :slight_smile:

Pull it together. Im not sure what the guy in the front is trying to say?


Nigio- thanx for dropping by dude!
sirBS- thanx still fighting this painting hehe!
Gord-MacDonald- thanx gord, pretty much what I am going for!
Samanthie- oh ur welcome Samanthie, glad u dropped by as well!:slight_smile:
FIDUCIOSE- Yeah still making minor changes as I go along, I am gonna have to cut out some detail that is not reallly necessary, thanx again for dropping by Fid, always glad to see u drop by!
Falcor_- How would I go about making it realistic, and what is there not to understand about the guy in the foreground, let me know I am curious to know so I can make the necessary changes! U can also do a paintover if u want and if u have the time!:thumbsup:


Flipped and added a bit more work to it, so u guys won’t get bored looking at the same thing again and again, hehe!


Looking good, Bryce. Nice movement flowing up and into the picture. Looks like you’re finally at the refinement stage.

Two things to look at on the foreground character – and I know, you’ve just been working on layout, so you just haven’t got down to details yet… First off, his head might be too small for that body. He looks 9+ heads tall. (but you may just be going for something stylized?) Secondly, keep a watch out of your light sources, especially on that man’s backside. Would his backpack get much light? Would his back leg? Unless there’s another light we can’t see, think out what the lantern will cast shadows on.

Good luck with it, it’s coming along nicely!


p.s. check my thread for an in-depth answer to the last questions you asked.


Flipped, better =) I think now the composition invites to begin the way.:buttrock:



Lookin hot bee. Lotta changes since I last visited. Details are starting to punch thru. To comment on something: I’m not seeing the whole danger thing in the picture yet. Probably early to look for it, but perhaps make the bridge look more shoddy? A bit torn and damaged, but still somewhat strong enough to hold those men and their equipment. Just a suggestion. Keep it up man.


Hi Bryce… nice updates, looking better and better. The spiralling bridgework is a nice idea, leads the eye up nicely! Are you going to have more bridges in the background, really thin looking with tiny figures on to give an even more dramatic depth? Like the form of the rocks and the clouds together now too. Keep up the good work!


Hey there, dude! Nice updates, it’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m looking into your thread pretty frequently to see how the img evolves :). Looking REALLY good. :slight_smile:

Crits - when you get to the refinement stage, be carefull to make the logs look round, so they read clearly as tubes/logs in shape. Other than that - everything was mentioned :slight_smile: Keep it going, dude :slight_smile: I really like your composition ideas. :smiley:


Dang, somebody has been busy with their entry. Looking mighty sweet with the one bro :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Aside from WALRUS’s critzs (which i also agree with him), this is definately stronger than the last composition. The rope bridge really helps a lot on the mood and as a lead on for the viewers.

Good job bro, keep it going


Here is a bit of an update, I will make changes necessary, to those suggested. I also ditch the backlight as well, I did not like it, needs to be darker! I am gonna add like deceased stuff on the bridge as well to highten the drama a bit, thanx for ur support gang!


Its looking good from here Bryce. I like the new perspective very much. Keep up the good work.


this is just getting better and better… like that the clouds forms a tunnel…


keep it up BRO!


Hi Bryce,

Looking good so far. I like it flopped like this better. I would show a little air on the right side of the bridge cause right now it looks attached to the wall.

My hat off to you once again for entering both 2D and 3D!