The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


hey Bryce, there’s a real sense of intense curiousity about what’s going on in the horizon. It looks like the hikers in the picture already know what it is, so the guy to the right is teasing the viewer like this: “You really want to know what that is? Follow me, follow me. You are in for a big surprise!”

Go on with your next update! :slight_smile: I want to know!


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: update!update!


Hey Bryce ,

Awesome progress my friend !! the new (ok maybe not that new ) comp is really in the action ! Great !!

I definitely should lost myself in that 2d section more frequently …

cheers ,



Here, I have made a bunch of changes, color pallet and just moving my characters around to get something pretty interesting. I think this is what I am gonna go with now. I don’t want to grow tired of this painting and I am gonna go ahead and finilize this, thanx for the paintovers, Stahlberg, Sacha and Fidicouse!


the latest composition looks pretty good,very much prefer this than the previous one.keep at it and lets see more progress:D


that palegreen make the air look poisonous… like that… :slight_smile:
and I still say, what for me! about the the new comp…


TheFirstAngel- thanx Sacha! U were a big help!:thumbsup:

xvampire- I hope this is better for u dude I did not like that either, thanx for dropping by!

Zepyhri- Thanx, I noticed that too, I will fix it later on down the road, I wil make clouds look like clouds and the cliffs look like cliffs, thanx!

GonzaloGolpe- Thanx dude I I made that change!

anzibon- Oh Sacha is the homie, if u get to know, don’t get jealous my nub, Speak to him, he has great tips!:wise: :thumbsup:

Norberg- Sup mate! I initially wanted to go with the compo being that way, as I wanted to show scale, which is hard to work in a landscape. I wanted show the adventure being menacing! That is why I went with the up and down! Thanx for ur input dude, Hope to see u drop by again!

MichaelMotion- Hey thanx, Micheal! Yeah I am gonna try to add more reds in the new compo, just had to figure my compo!

jeromoo- Here u go dude, I am gonna tweak it some more, make it more interesting!

TheFirstAngel- Here u go!:smiley:

Zapan-Thanx Steph! I am glad that u like!:thumbsup:

Ok now I am gonna saturate the foreground a bit to give it some more depth! Also I want to some red in the compo as well! Now the fun starts hehe!:thumbsup:


Pretty good, I don’t like the way that sounds, I got to make it better now hehe!:smiley:

makaron-Thanx mona, hehe, I am glad u like what I have going here, thanx!:smiley:


very very cool update, great brave expansion of the composition. :slight_smile: Glad my little sugestions helped you. wheee, was soooooo curious what you come up with and you really made a great step forwards with your piece! hehe, cant wait to see how you push this forward! keep on rocking mate! :beer::thumbsup::buttrock:


Nice, Bryce. Like the color shift, you may want to carry the path on the left up a bit and the then have the crossover with the guy on it a bit higher. I’m losing him between the to larger figures. Sorry for the rhyme btw.


Here is another update! Made the change thanx Cliff!


Feelin’ the atmosphere already! Keep it cool!


great! works fine and now grants a minimized risk to pass the bridges :slight_smile: the lifeinsurance is happy again :wink:


o yeah! the composition is way better than before and the upward path and gesture of the front character really leads the eye to the journey up ahead. Good work, keep going Bryce!


hey this is much better…before i couldnt really follow what was happening as much…now its much better :slight_smile:

with the guy you might want to look at how he is holding the lamp…if i was him so high up there i would be wanting to hold on a little tighter than that…lol
but again its still early days…

keep it up :slight_smile:


this is more like it. A very clear composition now. Brilliant.


Really nice adjustment to the composition, beelow. The zigzag pathway to the destination is much more interesting than the symmetrical one. Plus, I like the viewer being a reluctant participant. Great work :slight_smile:


yep. soo much better this way… :slight_smile:


Hi Bryce, I think now looks better, I like the new changes.
Great comp, no critics.


SideAche- thanx again sideache for dropping by!

black_hand_77- thanx! Glad u like!

TheFirstAngel-thanx again, sacha double hehe! I almost did not want to do it, but I see that It benefited! I am glad that I solved it fine, nice pointers dude thanx!:smiley:

Pat Piper-Thanx Patrick, I will fix the pose of the character in the foreground eventually, Thanx for dropping by again!

Cyberone-I will fix that simon everything is kinda placed I will get to fixing, how is ur entry coming along? Thanx for dropping by dude!:wink:

domclubb-Thanx dude, yeah I am pretty much stuck with this!

danielh68-Yeah pretty much what I am going for now gotta get my colors on point now! Thanx Daniel!

makaron-Thanx mona!:wink:

snowan- gotta give it more punch now gotta solve the colors!:wink: