The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


tsOk man 'm Witcha!:scream:

(howd did I go, Will I make a record deal speaking like at?)


i love the perspective in this. The low camera really makes the background mountain seem really tall. The colours are nice but i don’t understand why the ground in front of the characters is blue when the rest of the foreground is reddish. I’d change it to a warmer tone. I’d also light the first step as i dont think it should be in shadow. It looks like a cut away “slit” instead of a protruding step. Other than that. it’s excellent




Slav- I am gonna go ahead and lessen the warp up, I can see ur point. I also think the blue is a little much as well! Thanx slav!

Agamemnwn- Thanx a bunch, I still have to solve some stuff, hopefully I get it together soon, thanx again. don’t worry I ain’t trippin’, hehe!:smiley:

sergioKomic- Hmmm… U gotta practice some more hehe!:smiley: We’ll work on that, getting u a record deal I mean!:thumbsup:

domclubb-Thanx ur points are valid! I will definitely make the change in colors in the forground!
As for the step I don’t want to overdo the lighting because I can easily take focus away from the main character, which I do not want to do, I will light it some though that is if I am understanding u correctly… Oh I may think I know what ur talking about I will paint in some light there, don’t worry bout that, I will reflect some of that light back down on to the steps! Thanx again!:thumbsup:


subtle warp would prolly work … maybe add some degree or something that will help lead the eye through your image. i think so far the concept is progressing VERY well… i cant wait to see you start putting more of a pallet to your work.


oneka-Thanx dude! Glad u stopped by!

Slav- Yeah, thanx, I am baking the cake right now, then the icing will come! Thanx again, bud!
You’re crits have been helpful!:thumbsup:


Here’s a quick paintover, hope you’re okay with that, if not let me know and I’ll take it down.

comments: I think the central symmetrical composition isn’t working, I tried shifting it over to one side, cropping a bit, and I think that’s better. I think you can even make the guy on the left a lot smaller/further ahead. You’re loosing track of your center of interest in such a wide cropping, with a lot of stuff especially at the bottom which isn’t doing much for the feeling.
The guy’s pose, the legs were spread too wide, like he’s running… also the lighting on the legs was off a bit. (But maybe you’re planning to take reference photos later, when you’ve nailed the concepts)
The cliffs on the sides, I think the perspective was too forced.
I think that’s it. As I mentioned before I like the color scheme, and the idea is cool it makes me want to jump in the picture and go exploring. :slight_smile:


Looks good! False perspective is the good way to express feeling of great landscape but I think, the ladder is too curve and doesn’t support the mountain perspective.

good luck mate!


Stahlberg- No, prob! I am glad that u did the paint-over! I initially did that, and think that I was starting to overdo it, I may go ahead and include the steps, and back lighting as if the veiwer were holding a lantern as well. But I think ur right as it is not really doing anything for the compo. I wanted to include some glyps or something that will gauge the viewer’s interest with the steps, but I am not sure if I want to go that route, what do u think? Also, one of my buddies mentioned that I could go ahead and put some decease bodies or of dead animals, creatures to give the painting even more interest, guess that I am overthinking it. Thanx Stahlberg!:thumbsup:

FIDUCIOSE- Hey FID, thanx for dropping by! Yeah, I did not like that, I will change that, and I will get rid of the warp, it is really destroying the painting, Argh!:argh: :smiley:


That’s a difficult perspective to pull off my friend, as it looks like something done for a pan shot…but I know that once you get it down, it will look really exciting. I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Good Luck!


Thanx, Patrick, yeah hopefully I will have something solved soon, thanx for dropping by!:thumbsup:


Felt like I should post an update not much done right now. thanx for the continued support, peace!


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sum tuff dude before doin his job.

I would like to see you have harder contrasts in the foreground to have the room for giving light the possebilety to take effect. as the valey of darkness is a dirty, cold and fogy place, blue and cyan reflexes fom behind the cam would add a nice contrast and help the atmoshpere and a golden light on the horizon wich is the promise of redemption.
after our little talk i man, the tisted way of it would also be cute, a dark messiah on the end of the row castin doomlights into the sky, a new version of the colorfall off away from the cam offers, but in both cases, i sugest to give the set a daker apearance and work with attenuated light, to give the scene some focal points. keep upt the great work mate, go go go!


I like ur composition, btw, but the skies perspective angle little bit too exagerrated

but well done with the colors,. cant wait for the updates


Hi Bryce! Sorry for getting in here so late… and incidentally for nto getting back to your note, I’ve been offline at home for a good three months, and so have missed the start of this challenge, so trying to make up ground! My first thoughts when looking at the image were WOW… that would have been amazng for the spectacular contest, but it works just as well here. Love the dramatic perspective. Obviously you’re only in the first few stages of colour right now, so still lots to do… but it’d be really nice to see more of the strong light coming from the lamps, as Stahlberg did in his paintover, it really made the darkness of the figures pop and give them life. Also, I noticed, only becasue I do this so much myself when doing clouds, the lines of your clouds follow the lines of the canyon very closely… maybe breaking them up a bit might give a bit more visual interest to the top of the pic, perhaps they could be spiralling in towards the mountain?

But other than that, great job on the atmospheric hazing and depth of the pic, everything reads nicely. Can’t wait to see more!


Hey dude!good luck with your job! =)About this, I watch that the guy´s head on the right “touches” with the narrow pass of the background and this fact maybe play down depth.

Anyway, I´ll watch to your progress!



sent you an email, go check :slight_smile:


now you made everyone jealous.


Hi there,

I knew I would find you in this callenge aswell.
Your expeditiontheme is really interesting. Very creapy, hate caves!

Haven´t checked out the whole thread yet (you´re a popular dude) so I don´t know what comp is final but I prefer the wider ones where the closest guy is cropped waist down.
Will enjoy the progress. Have fun!


I like what ya did with the redish glow in the front of your image Bryce!
Will the background stay this greyish color?. Realy like this colorsceme…