The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Bryce Smith


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Latest Update: Final Image: deadly Passage


ohhhh gooodie :smiley: !! good luck with the challenge bruce. hope u make some heavylifting piece like on spectacular :smiley:


yoo beelow~hehe~hope i didnt wake u up like i did to squib~haha,goodluck and hav fun


hi mate,enjoy the journey.good luck.:bounce:


go bryce bro!



good luck Bryce!!


Nice to see you again bro
whish the best to both of us:) lets see how the challenge will going to be haha


good luck on your journey…


Best of luck to ya! Enjoy this ride!



i wish u good luck, i am sure this will be alot of fun! :applause:

cheers Kam.


2D and 3D? Twice the fun hehe! More good luck Bryce :slight_smile:


Hey 'fro boy, glad to see you’re in this time around, good luck and have fun! I’m curious about this one, so I am…!



I have been enjoying your spectacular entry/thread a lot and I surely will enjoy this one, too!

All the best!


Good luck Bryce and have fun!


Hey Bryce !!

Have a lots of fun and best of luck mate !!

cheers ,



Goodluck bro. Hope you’ve worked out personal stuff so you can have a free reign on your creative juices.


good luck Bryce! :slight_smile:


Yeeaaaw, good luck and have fun dude!!!


Good Luck my brother-in-arts…:thumbsup:


Hey! Good luck man! Hope to see some great ideas from you this time aswell!