The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


a bit of an update, getting the morrir back to shady cloudy land


Hi Britta,
The one comment I want to make is I’m a little unclear what the narrative here is (oh sure, I could probably read the thread to find out but I’m much to lazy for that). What’s the story you are trying to tell? Is it clear to the audience what’s happening? I think you’ll pull off the technical part just fine, I’m just putting some food for thought in your head. I’ll keep checking in on this to see how it progresses. :slight_smile: Good luck!


some update for this night. need sleep^^



Ich bin zu lange nicht mehr hier gewesen.

Der Spiegel wird just gerade großartig - was mir als Betrachter wichtig wäre: trotz der Texturen auf der Spiegeloberfläche irgendwelche Formen in den Reflektionen erahnen zu können. Das beginnt ja auch gerade, habe ich den Eindruck. Von der Komposition her absolut hypnotisch!

Sorry for the non-german speaking audience, I just felt like giving some feedback in my mother tongue. Here’s a synopsis:



just a quick feedback… feeling kinda depressed over it, yesterday my puter corrupted the file for the challenge, the last backup ive got is app 12 hours previous and is the one shown above… i removed the mother of pearls aka the mirror thing in the middle and made it more bluish. well we will see if i can put up the mood again to paint on it today.


Sorry to hear about the file, It’s a real nice pic, I hope u can finish it in time



Ah no, that’s awful! That sort of thing sucks, but at least you know the look you’re going for, so it’ll be quicker to do it the second time and you’ll probably even improve on it. :slight_smile:

Viel gluck bis der Ende. Nur 5 Tagen, argh!


i liked the last updates very much and sorry for your file. sometimes even 2 files are not enough


It’s loking good Llynna. The string of pearls works well.

Computers are great when they work and real pain when they don’t but you will be faster recreating the file.

Loking forward to an update.



the hey im alive and working and right away going back to it. i really want to finish it till tomorrow, so a lot of work to do.


woot woot wootiness woot, keep it going! it’s going well!


instantly subscribig, can’t believe i missed this :smiley:
looking forward to your updates, keep on going!!!


the challenge is over dude



really? :rolleyes:

lol, yeah. was a late post or - too early cuz i thought this already is the wip thread of the wipsection. (got here msnlinked and didnt read, as usual) and thought it already ran 18 pages.

:rolleyes: nextime I’ll read before i post :blush:


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