The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


youre very welcome hon :slight_smile:

yea i noticed that youve been realy busy but this wont last forever eh?

soweit geht es mir gut und jetzt üben wir ein wenig deutsch ;P. weil ich so langsam war und alles natürlich einmal wieder vor mir hergeschoben habe, habe ich jetzt natürlich stress das bild noch rechtzetig fertig zu bekommen… was will man machen, die faulheit.

hoffentlich bist du auch fleissig am zeichnen, ich erwarte ein update später :thumbsup:


hoffentlich will ich der zeit haben, nachher der hochzeit, war es chaotisch, du wahrst. :slight_smile: Ich habe mein deutschen vergessen die Woche uber. Argh!
Also, ich gehe jede Wette ein, dass wir beide werden die Challenge finishen. Jezt musst ich die Detailumsetzung, es macht mich verrucke!


Hi Britte, just comng to be ashamed here in your thread as I’ve not visited so far! I love the concept you’ve come up with, and your early sketches show some real promise! I’d definitely agree with paperclip about using reference for her pose and face if you can find something, it will make the piece even more amazing! The line of her jaw seems a little off, it should slant down more towards her chest, rather than towards her lips, unless she’s craning her chin out. I preferred her hand stretched out, it looked more like she was venturing into the mirror, and on more of a journey.

I love the big hands, they look like they’re straight out of a old master’s piece. I’d be tempted to put some more saturated colours into her skintones over the fleshier parts, like her cheeks, shoulders, and perhaps go for a more saturated shadow colour, if your highlights are going to stay cool. Linda Bergkvists thoughts on skintones is a really handy guide if you need any tips, ( - click on tutorials and thoughts on skintones) - though you’ve more than likely seen it!

Can’t wait to see the lady in context, keep up the good work!


hey sam :slight_smile:

i have some reference for her, maybe i should look at them more constantly. im just refilling my digicam batteries and then i will make some more ref photos for the head, it really may be that i incidentally put my chin forward in the last one…

thanks for the link to lindas tut, of course i know it. its a weird habti of mine to go from really desaturated colours on the skin to more saturated tones.

sadly i had to remove the lady from the whole scene for detailing because my mashine cant handle it otherwise -.-.

i was a bit lazy this afternoon, it was so nice and sunny and i got sunburned in 20 minutes again screw my skin.


Hello [font=Verdana][size=2]Britta;[/font][/size]
I really hope you don’t mind.
It seems that I have developed a dirty habit of really butting into people’s works lately. I couldn’t hold back from doing the same to yours again.

[color=lemonchiffon]About the last message:[/color]
I agree that the anatomical approach for such a scene would not be possible. But when you consider the story telling ability of such a feature
I think most would read what is told more than anything else.

You shall of course have to find a way to feed it to the viewer as best as you can. One could suggest a “Genie” approach
or a way a ghost would bend and flop
or just make them completely separate images
one of a head
blended into the decors. The other the hands… blended into the over flooding frost or lace.
Shall you notice I had in fact even offered the hands coming from INSIDE the mirror!

But my apologies were not exactly for the mirror

[color=lemonchiffon]Your figure;[/color]
They were more for the stance of your figure. Yes I understand English and I definitely understand what “finally set for a pose and am really satisfied with it.” Means

But there were some things in that pose that lacked the particular ‘ability’ your earlier sketches had

I did three quick sketches that might bring my point better:

I know the are not perfect… and most possibly not proportional… But I had to use a mouse since I didn’t want to go through the trouble of scanning and then posting. And it is not as easy as a pen and paper.
And my plan was more through hoping that you would get the idea rather than take them directly as a reference.

Here I tried to show you three possible poses where the model can remain looking at just about the same area you wished to have her look at…

In the middle I sampled a model that has about the ability to look at the same point by forcing her body to the limits of her neck.
The one on the images right is again forcing her neck to her limits (The first girl)
but is not able to look at the same point. She has to do the rest with her eyes because her neck will not permit her to rotate any further without twisting from her back as well. This particular character holds the similar stance as yours

The one on the images left is looking at about the same place and has not had a need to lock her neck. She can look even more back.

The problem here is than that your vertebral column bends sort of inhumanly
.especially at her neck. As flexible as it may seem: Our neck can do a turn only so much. I agree that the atlas bone does most of the bending
but to be able to turn back so much
you would have to break it sort of.

What I think has happened is that you kept onto your pose of the earlier ketches (Who wouldn’t? she is breath taking) and included a change for the torso
but they just didn’t build on top of each other correctly.

You’ll better notice what I mean if you look only at the neck of your lady.

I hope you still don’t hate me.



How the hell did I loose my subscription to this thread? …

Britta, nice concept you have there!
You have a nice pose for the character, she looks a bit out of balance though.
Maybe try to adjust her feet. Black did some interesting sketches too.

hey, now I’m subscribed again :slight_smile:


i hate that picture of Sora so much, i want to kill that kid.

but yeah great job so far on the female.

Id follow what Blackdidthis on the female though, his figures could definetly influence/help yours, especially the middle.

but very nice, cool-feeling painting you got going =)


hm… ok people im deadly tired today so this may get a bit confused.

first to say, all i really appreciate your effort in giving advise :slight_smile:

i was really stunned this morning to see all the replies here (for whom i didnt get a notification email by the way, it seems that i lost the subscribtion for my own thread o.O).

first of all i want to share a ref photo with you guys

so you see the necktwist is possibel, though it needs some tweaking on my face. there is something off with the chin area.

Black: Thanks so much for the in depth review, really sweet of you to do these sketches for me. They don’t quite fit my vision for the painting, but again, Thanks! The idea is, that she is turning away from what lies beyond her and is turning her back on it.

im considering the hands though, but i just find them much more graceful this way… we will see, i will grab my sketchbook now, go out in the sun and think about it and get sunburned :wink:

@marlon: heh, i lost my subscription to this thread too and its my own :wink: so no worries. but why on earth did you quote this creepy creature… to remind of putting my creatures finally in?

adonhis: i agree with you on sora, so creepy

thank you for your suggestions and reply :). i wont really follow the middle sketch of black, but i may consider some otehr things he said but will focus on finishing it on time. since my time is a bit limited due to important university essays and courses i wont have the time to do all things over and over and over.

catch you all later :slight_smile:


Hi Llynna

You concept is cool. It has a spookey feel to it. I’m afraid I don’t have any in depth crits like Black. I’ll wait for your next update.

Thanks for dropping by my thread.



ok, since i cant sleep im considering some things the people pointed out to me over the last day.

as you can see i made myself a rasta for the composition. the thinking isnt nearly finished but i think it works well this way and has more of the journey feeling.


That works well Britta. The comosition is good.

Looking forward to seeing some colours.



Hi, Llynna!

I think you have a nice iconic composition here which will work well.

You flipped your work several times, just make sure the final image will depict the figure travelling from left to right since this is the direction of “moving on” in the western culture. Sorry, if this was saif by others before.

Also try not to place the brightest spot of the painting at the bottom where nothing happens ( I refer to a color composition sketch you posted before). That distracts form the figure and the action.

The mirror is a good theme for a jouney. “Through the looking glass” into another dimension or into the own psyche… that’s cool.

Viel Erfolg bei den weiteren Arbeiten und lass Dich nicht ablenken. Dein derzeitiges Konzept ist so ziemlich klasse und Du solltest es ausarbeiten!


Hey Britta :slight_smile:

Taking me a while to read through all I’ve missed on your thread hon, but thought I would drop in and say keep at it because I love your idea and I know you can do something great. Some great advice given there from Black too!


@EdP-Art: thank you, you can expect some update with colors today in the evening or so.

@digital decoy: :slight_smile: most of the times im only flipping to look for mistakes i made and gain another look at the picture. i will submit the final image in the left to right direction. although the other way round works for me too somehow, may be cause im left handed, somebody once told it makes a difference wether you are right or left handed.

thats a good point with the brightest point of the picture. i will place the brightest point of the painting where her hand meets the mirror now, to gie impact to this gesture.

Danke, manchmal ist es nur schwer sich nicht ablenken zu lassen, gerade auch weil ich noch probleme habe eine gute komposition zu finden, die das bild unterstreicht. aber das wird jetzt mein letztes wort dazu sein und jetzt heisst es einfach, kein schlaf mehr und versuchen es noch fertig zu bekommen.

@Ailsa: hey hon :slight_smile: great to see you around here again :slight_smile: im working, im working, you can count on that, promised therry a great update due to sunday evening.


aha, finaly got a chance to check your thread again (as promissed :wink: )
realy like the way it’s going :slight_smile:


to let you know im alive and painting, here soem coloring update, im doing the morror atm.


Oooh, nice updates so far! I like the mirror, but it doesn’t really look like a mirror with the pearly marble effect- it looks more like pearly marble. :blush:

I think mirrors are usually dark and shadowy, showing reflections of, in your case, what could have been and what will be…on the other side of the mirror is the other side of the intellect that you’re trying to grasp, but not quite bring over. I guess what I’m saying here is that the mirror seems a little too bright and patterned??



i liked the last one very nice going.

i liked the textures also. but theresa may be right about the mirror .
we’re waiting for reflections.

colors are very nice also


Hi Llynna, she looks great, like she is tempting me to follow her into the mirror. Spooky :argh:

Looking forward to the next update.



good looking work, it seems to have a lot of promise. there is a certain mystery and innocence in it, i’ll be interested to see how it develops.