The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


i love the scene

i cant decide which one looks better for last 2 but i really liked the flying character.:buttrock::scream:

by the way i have a mirror theme too :applause:


hey dear people, some sign that im alive and working on this. i just was absend a few days, i was visiting some fellow cg talkers at the weekend ailsa and urgaffel and we went to the caravaggio exhibition in amsterdam which was just so awesome.

i began colouring and am now seperating all things to seperate layers. i also began a painting of the queen to get a better understanding of her.

The left person will have a monitor lizard tattoo on her back, everybody has a dragon so i decided to go with the earthly variant of this (and i love monitor lizards :slight_smile: ).

hopefully will be able to update later today too. just have to pay my lovely institute of learning a quick visit :wink:

i think ive got some personal replies open, i will do that when i come back.


mmm… seeing a bit of a goth feeling comming through :smiley:


Use photo reference, So u can get that pose to look right, I will be watching this develop!:smiley:


Nice to see you’re back Britta… and so nice you continue your piece… a prefer more the lizard too for tattoo… :slight_smile:


Ich mochte ein update! Wo bist du?? Warum hast du nicht zum Bild arbeitest? Du fehlst mir!

Yeah…I want an update. Is that so wrong?

Also, I agree with Bryce’s comment re: the reference for the lady- her pose seems rather awkward. UND SIE HAT HUFTSPECK! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, due to popular demand and my own dissatisfaction with the old one, i made a new sketch and i think its more fitting. need to rework the arms in digital though.

reworked the dress too. the transparent part will be there too but i worked a corset in.

thank you all for replying :slight_smile:

especially theresa for reminding me constantly to work on it :slight_smile:


popular damand eh? sigh. i see your image is comming allong quite nice, nothing to crit except the fact that you need more major updates :stuck_out_tongue:


ok… this is the only major update i have, but since its all changed i consider it major :wink:

since its nearly 4 am here, im going to bed now and will resume colouring later.

have a good, day night, whatever it is at yout timezone.


oh snap, ask and yee shall receive :stuck_out_tongue:

good stuff! :bounce:

well damn lady… i been stairing at this for like 30 mins now. i really love it. but i must take my leave the pillow is calling me to la la land.


the new comp looks good so far… :thumbsup:
may be you need some more reference for you projekt. this is what i found in the net. hope that helps a little bit… :slight_smile:


ooh ,this mirror stuf is such a cute idea… Cant wait to see more :applause:


but would you like to try some new technologies and ways (not wacom) to poove your imagination?
. soory for mistakes.


looking good but journey feeling is not as much as the older one i think.

good luck


I love the way you’re pulling this together. I don’t think I’ve seen a complete “line” yet!

Absolutely beautiful…I’d only warn against straying away from the concept of “journey”–that’s not the feeling I get from it right now.

Excellent work.


Hi Britta, your concept looks curious. Is it similar to Alice in Wonderland theme? I foresee that elaborate costume and prop designs will be your chief focus in this entry. Keep working at it!


Hey Britta,

really nice work you are doing there. I like the theme of it.
Normally I stay within the 3d forum, but I was bored so I went here to look at some nice paintings! I hope you will complete this challenge
Keep up the good work!

Glück auf! (das konnte ich mich als Grönemeyer-Fan nicht verkneifen :wink: )
Und Frohe Ostern!


ok… some twisting into time and space of the reality of the surrounding.


well… sorry for the late answers and updates but due to easter ive got some family buisiness to attend and other stuff :slight_smile:

as you may see (hopefully) ive given it another twist again. its moving a bit to surreal… but i wanted to do this at first too, but could never work up the courage to try and do something more out of the angle.

now that i did im really amazed of the prospect. i never was really satisfied of the icequeen in the image as for now. she is a real major part of the whole thing. in my opinion this really fits her role in it all and does emphazise with the journey character. you know like this hughe overwhelming element in the painting you have to overcome.

@slav: thanks :slight_smile: i think its a nice compliment if someone is able to look at my humble image for 30 minutes :).

@mac andre: wow… thats such an awesome photo :slight_smile: made me reconsider giving her the
dark red/black hair and going for my natural auburn haircolour with this one. you were right, i hate doing backs and i am ever in need of good refs for that. i swore to me after an image of mine i called birdqueen to never do a back painting again well…

@elgrozni: thank you very much, although i think i need to work on it, its shouldnt be all cute^^

@simonas: in fact im doing that atm. doing some serious pencil work and heading life painting and acrylics again.

@OliveBeard: oh, i never do real linearts… i totally suck at that, im really trying to for this one, to do the whole comp first, but im really struggling with it.

jeromoo: you may consider it kind of an alice in wonderland theme. it is a bit different indeed but somehow its got similarities. if i can bring up the nerve and courage it will be a whole series of paintings. i got them in my head… but if i can bring them out, just dont know.
you are right about the designs, im in love with costumes and beautiful women^^


Wo ist die neues Bild?? Ich mochte ein verbesserung! Bitte… Fackeln, Kreaturn und alles!

Where’s your new picture?? I want an update! Please… torches, creatures and all!

Here’s an idea for one of your creatures. :smiley:

Also, another!: