The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


this is a nice concept! lovely update! keep up the good work!!:smiley:


love the color theme britta and the composition is really nice like that :smiley:


there you go :thumbsup:



ok, another update for tonight, i changed the composition a bit and gave the mirror a bit more space by adding a bit of length to top and bottom. the resolutions given at the instuctions arent that binding, arent they? in this composition the image would be around 2600*4600.

well, this flightly white things on her are ment to be spiderwebs. she will be a bit covered in them, breaking them by going through the mirror. helped by some creatures i need to design, maybe some ice elementals or such. need to work on that now.


@laurent: hugs thank you my frensh support :slight_smile:

@1st_angel: wheee, thank you so much, its really appreciated :). as for the time, im soooo slow so for me the time isnt that long :rolleyes:. but hopefully you guys will kick my ass so long that i will finish in time.

@calisto: thank you very much :slight_smile:

@Aga: i think thats one of my most colourful schemes ever. at least im trying to to do it only monochromatic and with a bit of contrast.

@squib: hehe, whats up my finnish dude, long time no see :wink:


wow great work Llynna! I really love your style! :thumbsup:


Hi Llynna, i almost breathed a sigh of relief seeing you alive and kicking in this contest.
Your concept is really worth it.

Adding some space to the canvas was a good idea, i also like the colors and values you used, building a bright focus on the woman.

Good work so far :slight_smile:


doing great lynna,good sense of costume design here and i like where ya heading now.very interesting in a way:scream:keep it coming


hi Llynna,
your entry looks very pomising to me. i like the mirrow an the cloth design. now i can´t wait to see more detail. keep it up… :wink:
und viel glück


@enialadam: hopefully one day i will get there to have a real proper me style^^. am glad you like it though :slight_smile:

@artvandeley: :slight_smile: thanks for your concern, i just need to overcome my natural lazyness and my periods of i cant paint anything… and my drive to screw up images by going into detail too soon without finishing the whole composition, including lightning and colors. must admit thats my real week point…

@shake: thx buddy :slight_smile: means a lot to me, i always adore your costume designs. i love playing with costumes, so much fun g.

@mac_andre: will be going into more detail soon, when i finally got the other person on the image, there will be a whole bush of details, including litterl critters and stuff.

und glück kann ich gebrauchen, oder eher immer wieder eine ermahnung nicht aufzugeben


At this step… I really appreciate the mood… and the pose… I rest curious about next step… Go Britta :thumbsup:


Hello britta !

Ive just discovered your thread !
U seem to have a very good level in cg painting !
I like your concept and more particularly the last update !

keep up the good way ;):bowdown:

Cheer !



@ Llynna: ja nicht aufgeben, du schaffst das schon :thumbsup: .


ah nuthin… walkin here, nuking there, the usual :slight_smile:

keep up the good work



Britta, es ist toll, namentlich die Farben und der Kompositen. Das Einzige ist, sie hat sehr Huftspeck. :slight_smile:


theresa. :thumbsup:


an update this time around with the second person on the image, the mirror queen who has a bit of an ice element to her. freezing all the things or rather conserving them.

what do you think?


I like the composition, the introduction of the second character looks great!


seeing as its a mirror one would think there would be something of the sort there. i really only have one suggestion for you… it would be nice if you create more of an environment around the mirror or gateway it would defiantly help with a nicer comp.


another pose for the queen, more backward movement to emphasize the movement in of the other person.

need to work on the light next, some greyscale work to do.



looking great Llynna :thumbsup: i prefer the posture of the mirror-queen before … also i agree with slav about more environment around the mirror …

cya later :slight_smile: