The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


nice sketch



well, off for another one, more far off angle. on the right half of the painting it would be as if the two worlds are melting.

what do you think? which one do you like ebtter?


I like this composition a lot Britta.


Nice Britta, but actually liek the composition of the first pose better. Feels a bit more personal to the viewer, and has a nicer close feel.


@ego: thank you ego for your fast reply, so you like this one better than the previous? maybe i should just work on both of them a bit longer.

@martin: thats true with the personal feeling, im not sure to go for that but for the story it would be essential to establish a more personal feeling. but i think for the challenge it should be more of a monumental feel, but maybe the monumental thing can be the feelings shown thinks. you gave me something to think over…


Hi Britta, i think you should go for the first one, adding a little more space but not as much as in the second. In the 1st one, the mirror could be a hard to read, you should reveal more of it.
Plus, which is even more important, i love those old frames hrrhrr

Nice concept you got there, really worth to work on. I still got problems understanding the story though just by looking at the picture. Keep in mind that it should be perfectly clear what´s going on without any additional explanations. Just an idea that accured: How about showing her mirrored ego taking her by the hand into her world. Half tempted, half afraid she remains uncertain but willing to follow into the dark. Hm,o.k., sounds pathetic :rolleyes:

Anyway, just make sure that even someone like me will get the full story.

Keep the ideas coming! :thumbsup:


nice composition britta :smiley: u can really let your imagination free like that about the world inside the mirror about the expression on her face :smiley: looking good :smiley:


Love the first concept (last page) and this one. So my suggestion is as follows, use the second concept but crop about 5% off the left side and about 25% on the right and add a little to the top. You could use the extra space on the top to add a little more to the mirror or just a nasty bg :slight_smile: The first one has a great intimate feel and you should work to keep that (IMO) and one way to do that would be to extend the canvas a little (on concept one, or crop on concept 2) so you can show a little more of your epic mirror world :slight_smile:


yea what he said



thanks to all these great replies :smiley:

i made some changes as was suggested and it really worked out great :slight_smile:

individual replies to come, first i need to dry my hair to not catch a cold.


Much better Britta,

it centers the character and gives a nice view of the expression and the mirror as well as the world in it. and u have the design of the mirror to and what is back there


@artvandeley: see i added some place on the first one, more mirror for everyone ;). glad you like the mirror design. its really appriciated that you took so much time in thinking and writing me a reply :smiley:

you are right about the story and the actual oic, but i wanted to lay down the composition first, cause that is my wear point and i tend to begin to draw without it and make a mess…

actually, you got me a great idea :D. what you dont know yet is that she really has a counterpart who could drag her :). you gave me an excuse to put her in there too yay. i will work on that idea and i really think that will make it all more clear.

and its good to see more fellow germans around here :smiley:

@janni: thx janni :slight_smile:

@yay, peter saved my uninspired day hugs thanks for your great advise :smiley:


some update. havent just decided which composition to take, but made up acloth design for her fullbody. i want the upper part of the gown to be transparent, she will have tattoos under them. that things in her hair are supposed to be lillies.


upper part of the gown to be transparent, she will have tattoos under them.

sounds like a sexy concept to me:drool:


nice sketches - I should check this out more often!


Very interesting concepts Llynna I really like them!! Great work on the cloth design, I can’t wait to see this go further :thumbsup:


I swear Britta, you should be a fashion designer. No kidding. Stunning.

#77 :smiley: more sketches to come and maybe some lineart soon

@enialadam: thx :), i really like doing cloth design :), am doing another one at the moment.

@martin: heh, myabe that would be an idea, make cloth for acutal woman and no cloath hanger.


We already can appreciate the good way of feeling… with a nice pose… :wise: … like so much…


very glamourous elegant and playfull designs, looking promissing :slight_smile: don’t stress yourself, this is a long term run and there’s plenty of time on your side :slight_smile: keep up the great work!


after quite some time with celebration and work on another image and a period of no inspiration i finally got my lazy but back to work again tonight.

a test on the colourscheme and the light source. will be adding the queen in to the other side of the mirror now. expect some update this night.