The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


I’m so happy to discover your entered in this new Challenge Britta… I’ve always much pleasure to follow your art, your originality and your thought…

The story is pretty interesting… I already have a good idea about the mood you want… and the first drawing comes perfectly in this way…

Give the better of you for our eyes girl… and I wish you much fun, much drawing, much good skills… and all the best for your entry… cordialy… :wink:


nice mirror / portal thingy

whut’s bombenleger? :curious:



I really like your concept, looking forward to see how this progresses.


I agree with everyone, the mirror designs are looking very nice:thumbsup:

Just wondering, is there going to be any vision in the mirror, or are you going to leave it as a kind of mystery?


Really lovely sketches. Good luck to you!


well you are already getting furthur than in ur spectacular entry… so keep it coming… really nice line work there

#47 danke danke :slight_smile: am planning to go for that mood for the whole pic.

@medunecer: thx :slight_smile:

@laurent: awww… my french buddy :slight_smile: long time no see and definetly good to see you around here too for some serious critique and encouragement even if you arent participating. am really glad you like my concept, im trying my best to accomplish it :slight_smile:

@squibbit: hehe, you know like someone making puuuuuufffff on all things :wink:

@burpy: yes, there is going to be a vision in the mirror, at least in the concept so far. you wont see it in the whole as it is in the sketch though i think. that was more like an establishing shot you know g.

@samanthie: thx :slight_smile: good to see you have joined too

@w!L: you think so :slight_smile: hopefully i will get to the finished pic this time, at least im really trying too.

am trying some thumbnailsketches now.


me like this a lot… gonna be fun to see the next step… :bounce:


Hahahaha… stronger than me… no time to do it… but I’m here anyway :scream:


@squibbit: hehe, you know like someone making puuuuuufffff on all things :wink:





@laurent: bad time… bad time scolds i need a time expander too, due to my working speed… heh

@squib: hehe… its just a german thing for long haired rock n metal fans ;P. it means kinda longhaired bomber ;). puuuuffff was the explosion


tsss tsss tsss… 3 months… you have enough time… if not… we can help you without prob… squibbit ? :scream:


first time i hear that :smiley:

but “bombenleger” sounds fun and kinda fits to squib :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks interesting, I like the mirror design. Really interested what will it turn into :slight_smile:


hi there,the idea is great,i think you can push it further,we need to add depth,i had this idea that maybe u could do a bunch of lone mirrors shooting off into the bg sum perspective and her sitting at one.u know…like a giant forest of mirrors.

complex idea but i think u can do it,good luck! but anyway lets see how it goes.


mmmh… maybe it’s now time for an update… toc-toc… what’s new girl ? :stuck_out_tongue:


poke I second this! Come on girl, just because it was your birthday yesterday doesn’t mean you get time to slack off :smiley: sketching day and night! Buahaha…


yes yes dear people^^

was away at my parents and had to work there, so no time for sketching just work to be done and yesterday well… i was occupied celebrating my birthday. but i will begin to sketch this instant, so expet an update in the next couple of hours.

@laurent: from whom do i get help if you two “help” me :wink: by the way i bought an french magazine yesterday at the trainstation, called c&g style with some great reference in it and the saleswoman even gave it to me 4 euros cheeper g

@vahn: really o.O must be the people i hang around with too much of the bombenleger kind g

@MikeTheHunter: thx :slight_smile:

@NOOB!: hey, that means you began your challenge too? will have a look at your thread ;). this mirror is not the way it will be in the whole composition, but maybe you are right about bringing some nice perspective in. we will see.

@ailsa: sascha said i can state that its his fault ;). will get back to sketching now and will have a look at what you have done these last few days.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!

Still watching…


im not really productive today, nothing seems to come off right somehow… this is the only thing near enaugh to the picture in my head.

it shows her going through the mirror, taking one last look back. in this composition you would see more of what is behind the mirror, not much of the mirror itself.

i want to post some other composition soon , from a more far off point of view.