The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


Beautiful sketch Britta, IMHO pencils are really your strong point :thumbsup: which gets my respect because I find them so hard hehe. Can’t wait to see where you’re going with this!


Nope, We don’t we sit, chat and draw, hehe!:smiley:

I t looks like u are on to something, Waiting for the next thing!:thumbsup:


Hey Llynna,
This is definitely gonna be a fun one! Keep 'er flowin!


Sweet, I like the mirror lots, and I’m looking forward to the story :slight_smile:


here we go, after having something to eat, i will try to explain you WHY i made a sketch of a mirror. at least im going to try, if its totally confusing just let me know.

she was sitting there for dont know how long, the rooms around here slowly crumbled, the servants turned to ghosts. only starring at the mirror without looking she stared with a stoic face until something in her reawakened.

thats where we start… at the beginning of the journey to find herself and overcome the fear inside, she is going into the dark secrets of the mirror. a whole new world is opening up for her, scary, dark but still there is beauty to find there. a bunch of weird creatures, the fearful queen mistress of ice and fearful ruler of the mirror world.

the whole atmosphere is to be dark, in a bluish colourscheme. figures are to wear baroque like dresses and the architecture will have its touches of it too but combined with modern elements like tattoos, piercings and some stuff like that. hm well you can say in a bit of a gothic style (now who would have guessed that coming from me :D)

hopefully is was helpful to get a rough idea of my concept. any crit you have would be really helpful and appriciated, please be honest with me, i can live with it :slight_smile: thx in advance fellows


hehe, you are so right, seems to just nail it down to reality :bounce: am really hoping to be on to something, i dont want to quit this one like the spectacular.

@peter: thx deary :slight_smile: put up the story and am really curious what you think of that concept

@adam: thx :slight_smile:


wow Britta, lovely sketch. I really like the sound of your idea.

My best wishes to you in the challenge :slight_smile:


I like it! Have you read the books about the mirror mages by Stephen Donaldson? goes off to find the right name

Found it: click me

I hope I’m not discouraging you now… gets a bit nervous I really like your story and concept so don’t do anything silly because I’ve read too much ^^


nice idea… hope you fin too,… have fun


whee thanks for the link peter :slight_smile: sounds great, i must get me that book :slight_smile:

and no its not discouraging at all. i will stick to this like glue cause this has been in my head for quite some time and its really personal in some way.


I like the idea… and the visuals, so far!! If I read the rules right, your not going to have text to explain her journey… so I’d recommend doing whatever you have to to make the concept clear.

Good luck!!

Oh… and if you have a moment, come visit with my friends: the local goths.


you read the rules right, you dont really have to write text but a story behind it is a must and at the beginning its kinda nice to explain it properly to people so they can give you some hints if you drift away in your painting or give better directions to you. or simply for you to point ot what you really are up to. at least for me it helps a lot!

visited the side and must say they are all the same around the world g and i seem to be the only one who isnt into this black/ purple style. i am for more nice white and clean sites with a nice designs and without tombstones!


hello Britta gudluck to u have fun!


update on the sketch of the mirror. layed some basic colours down. will work on the composition for the image now. maybe some update tonight, since i cant sleep


Wow this is really beautiful! I cant wait to see the entire composition :slight_smile:


Great idea Britta and I like the composition so far. I know you’ll pour your passion into this. And no bailing out like me this time around. :smiley:


@Annemee: glad you like it so far, working on the whole composition atm

@ego:hugs yea, hopefully we wont quit again, you have the permission to poke my if i speak of quitting or giving up or stuff like that ;). passion yea… you mean like only sleep 2 hours and then get back to the table and think of the drawing, drawing and taking references and stuff?

am really excited, im getting a model today, so i can take ref pics for the girl and her pose :smiley:


Llynna - wow, what a beautiful and intriguing sketch! I absolutely love the design of that mirror. If the whole environment is going to be in that mood it will be a great atmosphere.

Rock das Haus!


Very nice mirror design! Good luck!


juhuu Llynna :smiley:

I like the idea … it will be interesting to see where you take this :bounce:

hehe viel spass