The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Britta Schulte


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Latest Update: Final Coloring: so little time left…


Meinen Lieblingschen! Good luck to you in this challenge, I wish you all the best and hope you do well!

Es ist toll!


And most importantly HAVE FUN!!!


heya britta :slight_smile: best of luck :slight_smile:


Good luck, Llynna! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



More subscriptions to add! :beer:
Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


wheeee :slight_smile: its up… im so excited and already that many replies o.O. gosh you guys never sleep eh (looks at clock that shows nearly 3 am :wink: ).

@theresa: awwww… thanks hon :). we promised each other to take part, so lets get that Ailsa in here ;). will pay your thread a visit when i finish here :slight_smile:

@rudeone: thx have fun too :slight_smile:

@tyr: yay, there he is. will you do the 3d part? i would be looking forward to it :slight_smile:

@rebecca: thanks becca :slight_smile: maybe we will see you participating too?

@martin: well … that sorta postpones our personal challenge, doesnt it? but i havent forgotten about it! are you doing 2d or 3d?


goodluck lynna,hav fun ya:)


hey hey!! good luck and have fun!


Hallo schöne dame :smiley:

have fun :wink:



Goodluck sweetie :smiley: Auntie Ego is here :stuck_out_tongue:


good luck with the challenge britta :smiley: have fun :smiley:


Wheee hugs good luck Brittata (just made up a new nickname with a type hah!) we are the crazy…challenge…er…forgets our team nickname…sailor…crew! Yeah baby ;)!


Hey Llynna !!

Have of lots of fun and best of luck




Hey welcome to the challenge, best of luck to u Britta!:thumbsup:


good luck Britta :slight_smile:


yay britta! welcome! :bounce::bounce::bounce:


quicj environment sketches for the story. see post for more details.


sketch for the mirror


sorry for the late reply dear people, but in was a bit busy yesterday. had to finish my very last essay for university, so im all free now to draw.

@shake: thx, your wishes are really appriciated

@matellis: thx :slight_smile:

@panu: you are welcome my finnish long haired bombenleger :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@ego: its always good to have you around auntie :smiley:

@ailsa: hugs i forgot the name too, but yea it was something with a boat, lets ask theresa g

@zapan: thx :slight_smile:

@dunkelgold: wheee, great to see you too benita. havent seen you in wuite a while, hope you are ok and will visit your thread soon :slight_smile:

@tags: awww :slight_smile: i got a post from tags :slight_smile: