The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: bouclet francois


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Hi all, a new very exciting challenge, good luck and good work at all


Youplaaaa welcome Grobi!!!
Best wishes man;)
cya soon


… good luck and wishes to you. I’m curious to see your funky challenge



Welcome frenchy guy and good luck
aller les petits francais on se la donne


welcome back grobouk !! good luck to you :cool:


here are the snotlings,keepers of wood


forest, realm of snotlings


hey hey ! really like your snotlings ! good point of view in the forest, waiting for the snotlings invasion in it :slight_smile:


really love the perspective on this. whats the plot going to be with the snotlings?


Mohena, li’l indian girl


the snotlings, keepers of wood and holders of the capacities of the deess earth are sad.
After to have taught their knowledge, Mohena, apprentice druide to them, must leave them to join the windy mounts in order to acquire the capacities of the spirits of the air. Gone up on his faithful companion doudou “the bear which whistles” Mohena starts its journey


very cool work ! :slight_smile: love the bear design !


Cool sketches. I tink you have a funny concept going. I’m impatient to see some colours. Love the snotlings.


direction of lights


Nice characters an camera angle.
maybe the bear’s paw could be a little less human?


funky little piece you got going here man…

forground may be a little cluttered but it still looks nice…

cant wait to see a render…


I like your style a lot, that sketch is ace.

Looking forward to see how do you develop it.

Good Luck!


Very interesting character design and composition. I like it! Can’t wait ti see how you color it…
THe composition has a real style to it. It feels a bit crowded in the lower half and very open in the upper, and it might be nice to see how it looked oif the space around the charactes could “breathe” a bit more… but then, maybe it wouldn’t be so ominous. Either way, looking forward to more. Good luck!



Now, this is going to be fun to watch. Give us some colorz. Are you going for gloomy look? something really adventurous? Keep up good work :thumbsup: