The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Blaz Porenta


very nice sketch! i like it :thumbsup:


ahh finally some progress from the ninja! :thumbsup:

will be keeping track!



Hey! Nice to see you’ve started something… You could put an ant or something on the boat. I remember doing stuff like that as the cruel child i was :stuck_out_tongue: haha! Its fun to see your doing something with a more stylized approach than before, it’ll be interesting… Hope to see more soon! Later…


W!L: it could be lineart as well, but as its just a first idea let it be a sketch :slight_smile: I think I’ll develop this a bit further and also try to get some other ideas for this theme… after all the challenge just started. thnx for stoping by!

paperclip: Im glad u like it! thnx, and if I’ll go with this one there will sure be lots of details.

elgrozni: hi buddy! and thnx, I’ll see about sticking to this one, coz there is soooo much time :slight_smile: but its nice to see ppl like the idea.

Vahn: thnx man!

ragdoll: hehe, finally yea! Im glad I started doing something as well. thnx!

FrozZT: I was thinking of puting a small animal into the boat as well (a mouse, an ant…) but later than I realized that everybody in this challenge r drawing small cudly animals so I didnt want to blend into the croud. If I’ll stick with this theme I’ll leave the boat emty and a main “character” of the pic as it is. thnx for stoping by!


Nice idea! I like faces a lot :slight_smile:


Hey, nice idea ,and there is a brand new style that u made so far, nice characters as well
keep it up mate


u’ve started at last~pretty cool for the 1st idea~i see ur going with a different approach here~awaiting for more:thumbsup:


Good to see you work again Blaz. I always enjoy watching you develop an image. Good luck. I like this concept.


look’s nice


very original idea and lovely characters design, have fun


Man, this one is great concept! It´s kinda dreamy (don´t know if the word exists, hehe…)!

What i mean is, there is poetry on this one. I know it´s a first idea, but a great idea in deed. Think well about using this one for the final image!


nice sketch dude



If you do decide to give the boat a passenger, perhaps they could be looking concerned at the ‘rapids’ ahead!. Nice to see you Blaz. I’ll come and see your thread again - once you’ve taken off your xmas hat :slight_smile:


Hi, Blaz! Looking good! I like the concept: It’s original, and having been a little boy once I can totally relate! :slight_smile: And I don’t think you need anyone/thing on the boat: It’s making its own voyage. If you’re still concepting, it would be nice to see more ways to show that the boys just released the boat: Hands spread apart? Waving goodbye? Dusting the mud off of the hands? Just to show that they’re not just innocent bystanders who happen to be watching this pass by…

Anyhow, good luck with it!



Very nice concept! Can’t wait for the coloring wip!
[OT] Maybe 'cause I knew I’m going to become an aunt for the first time,
I love a bit more everything about kids! :smiley: :smiley: [OT]
Cheers! :beer:


bro that seems so lovely :slight_smile: .i’m really looking forward to see updates…:thumbsup:


nice idea!
nice scetch!


Hey Blaz, nice to see alot of familiar faces again. :thumbsup: sweet sketch dude.


excelent concept, i love it! :love:


hello again.
love your characters, can’t wait to see some colour.