The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Blaz Porenta


HI Blaz !

I welcome you on new Challenge!


many thnx to all of u ppl, for such a warm welcome! :slight_smile:

And now to the first concept… I was thinking about fairytale characters migrating from our world/imagination, coz we (adults) stoped believing in them… so they r looking for a differnt place to live… maybe they r leaving from an adult person, and r searching a child to settle in his mind/beliefs.

Donno exactly how would this concept look like, but what do u think of a story???


yo blaž wasuup…where is da concept??? :bounce:


welcome, blaz! glad to see you joining :slight_smile:
concept sketch concept sketch!!! :bounce: can’t wait! :slight_smile:


hey mate, good luck on the contest


Hey Blaz! Got my eyes on your thread!


yo ninja … welcome & have fun :smiley: :wip:


good luck to you Blaz… Cant wait to see whats your initial idea! :slight_smile:


Good luck friend! Ready to next challenge :scream:


still no entry from Mr. Ninja? :smiley:

suspensiones… :eek:

good luck!



Hi Blaz!
I’ll have my thumbs up for you. :thumbsup:
Wish you luck and lot of fun!


We are curious mate!


heh, thnx ppl! I’m planing to post first sketches during this week, maybe even today, depends on the work (I must say that Im quite busy ~ lots of projects ~ last days and have some problems with time organisation). So stay around and I hope u’ll be satisfied with results :slight_smile: thnx again for stopping by!


heyaaaaa blaz!! have tons of fun on this challenge:D

cant wait to see some sketches!! :smiley:


Good luck, Ninja :thumbsup:


best luck Blaz, nice to challenge side of you and your work!

cya dude!



this is how will I start this challenge… kids right after the school went to the nearest stream and put into the water their small boat they made. and the journey begins down the stream…


nothing wrong wit that at all… love it. unique idea and nice style… coud be a line art!


Ahhh…I love this…so cute and I can just imagine it wonderfully detailed with great colors and all. Please do this one!


So it begins :thumbsup: I love the idea, sooo adorable and lovely, hope you’ll stick with this one :smiley: :thumbsup: