The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Blaz Porenta


I think I figured out what might be your problem- the dog, when you look at him, appears to be the subject of a fisheye lens, which is great and fine in itself, but when you look at the rest of the landscape, parts are in fisheye and parts aren’t distorted, so the whole thing is sort of thrown off…if you get my meaning?

Great colors though! :thumbsup:


ooo dude some flowers would look nice! try that man, maybe even if theyre not fully engrossed by us, but it does add some nature elements to it, none the less a kick asss image!


A really unexpected style from your part. At least one that I wouldn’t expect!

Can’t really bring up any idea at this moment for your BG fill-up…

But as I saw your subject… I thought you may have some use with these (If nothing as for influences for his little pet :slight_smile: );

You can find much more of this kind of material on a fantastic site dedicated to
(Even has an English version! )
For this particular specimen you would have to browse through to the Sphonapetra which is under Insects that you should be able to find under Zoology.
I thought that with the scale you are looking at things… these can influence some aditional ideas.

The whole composition is VERY cute!

Good Luck!



It looks really nice, I look forward to the next step. Good luck.


I like this concept a lot ! Very funny and the style is great. Go on in this way !


wow… nice coloring… you’re progressing fast :slight_smile:

I think telegraph poles would fill the emptyness on the left just fine!
keep it up :thumbsup:


Hi Blaz, this is look fab! I love your colour choices so far, the sky and the left hand side of the image look touchably real, and the hitch hiker is adorable! It’s kinda hard to tell whats going on on the right behind the dog right now, but I’m guessing it will be streams of traffic!

The dog is coming together nicely, though, even for the distorted fish eye lens effect, his back legs make him look like he’s about to topple over. Just shifting the back right leg (as we look) might help stabilise him. But he’s fantasticaly well done, I admire the fact you’ve got to grips with the camera distortion so well and still having him recognisable as a dog, and one that’s full of character at that.

Can’t wait to see how this progresses!


this is looking great. Is that a head from another bug in the bottom left? Maybe it to too close the the edge of the composition? Looks a bit cut off. anyway, other than that tiny nit pick, this is brilliant. Good luck


Cool concept and character!


Hey Blaz very fun image! Love the perspective. Looking forward to seeing more. Good luck!


whoaaaaa this looks great!! wee nice work!!


Beautiful idea and picture :wink: . It pleases me very much.
Flea on the way :)), cool.

Good luck.


Great work! Winning stuff :slight_smile: Flea power!


I’d suggest to adjust the look of the sky elements as they don’t follow the fish-eye look and feel of the other elements of the scene. Take a look at some fish-eye photographs featuring large areas of partly cloudy sky: you’d probably notice that sun appears as a tiny point or even just a star-shaped flare with slightly curved longer rays, instead of a large circle/globe - and the clouds are usually sharp and well defined (as opposed to using a normal or a telephoto lens). I know you’re not aiming at some ultra-high-photorealism here - but the skies as they are now are partly ruining the otherwise excellent fish-eye effect.

Also, a much darker blue tone of the high skies, with much more contrast between the sky and the white clouds might add to the “fish-eye” feeling and would definitily increase the dramatic sensation in an observer.

Can’t wait to see the next step(s).


maybe the main character could be a little closer to the camera - so he’s a bit more prommenant in the composition ?

other than that absolutely wicked! excellent characters and theme.




First of all, once again thnx a lot for all ur great comments and critiques. Some of suggestions u pointed out would really help! But Im not sure anymore if I can finish this piece in time :confused: Im really short on time, I have to finish the school and all the other payed projects, so Im just not sure anymore how to continuing here. I think I still have a week or so of work on the image and thats a lot comparing the time I have left till the deadline. Ok, enough of whining… I wish to all of u good time and lots of luck and great final images. If I dont make it in time, I’ll finish it later than and submit it to the finished image gallery.

Best regards,


hey blaz to redeem myself from the inevitable title of being the worst visitor of all time i decided to stop by and check out your thread fully. nothing to crit but to let you know that you should finish. soon :wip:.


coool!!! now the poor dog is already scared good concept man


had to drop in and say good luck.

as always, loving your work,
see you on the next one !



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