The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Andrew Shcherbak


thanks for critique! i hope my first image on CG challenge is not the worst thing you’ve ever seen in your life :slight_smile: ! i’ve had fun painting this piece and watching your work prosses as well. good luck with the resoults!:bounce:


Nah don’t worry your piece is really great :thumbsup: ^^. And the almighty combination snow+wolf cub gets my vote :slight_smile:
May the choices of the judges be favourable to you ^^


thank for optimistic post! :bounce: you inspire me to work and work for some next challenge!:slight_smile:


It was a pleasure : )


thanks!:slight_smile: my pleasure!



can’t believe i never noticed this one coming along.
so disappointed. love it.



hi,anzibon! the reason is, i suppose, that it is my first entry in this forum and here are no people i’m familiar with.


Nice execution there buddy. Very soft style, a wet on wet sort of effect, bearly a hard egde to be seen. Suits the mood very well. look forward to seeing more of your work. Good luck with the judgeing mate.

See you in the next challange!


Finally your compositions choice result the best vision. Well done :thumbsup:
The final pics its so intense.

Good luck.


hi guys! thank for your reflections! i’m glad you like the composition!:slight_smile:


I love the use of color in this work…


oh, at last it is almost the end of the long waiting for the resoults of the challange! i wish you all good luck!

thanks to all of the people who were wathcing my working process!:bounce:


yeah, the end of the loooongest month of the year:wise:.

goodluck to ya andrew:thumbsup:


I really enjoyed your image. The colours are composition are great and I really like your brush stroke texturing, it’s very oil/acrylic feeling and very fresh on the digital medium. The hands down best thing about this image has got to be the eyes. They are alive and very emotive.

As for criticism to make the piece better. There’s not much I could say that I don’t like. I really liked your use of field of view with the travellers blurring into the distance. The woman in the foreground is really pulled to your view and focus, especially her over exageratted eyes. Though I found the grass patch to the left was very white, bright and crisp and it distracted my eye a little bit from the girl. Possibly a little of the same field of view effect you used around the piece there might pull away from that area. That’s stretching to find something though hehe.

Thank you for posting!

Oh yeah! Could you possibly quickly explain or detail your design/drawing process and the applications and brushes used :wink: I really like the feeling of your piece!

Keep up the great work!


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