The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Andrew Shcherbak


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I want to show fellings of an Ice Age child; the tragedy of a period of forced abandone of a home place seeking for “better lands”. stranging for mammoths, first people disapeared as well as the aim of their roam.

it is my first time on CGTalk, please, leave Your comments, advises and questions. Thank You all!


nice concept! i like it alot!! wellcome to the challenge!! have lots of fun :smiley: :smiley:


thank you, calisto vbmenu_register(“postmenu_3303297”, true); , I like your sketch too - it is so bright and dinamic! :applause:


seeking the composition…


this composition seems to look better. some main colours.


i like girl’s expression,
good luck…


Looks good so far, but i cannot connect it in any way with the journey “begins”; those people seem to be in the middle of but starting one.


Really nice concept and composition so far. I like the foreground character. The back left character feels somewhat stiff and vertical… What if he was leaning forward just a bit to encompass the foreground character a bit more and to round off that conrer compositionally? Just and idea… have fun!



I like the expression on the child face. It create nice atmosphere. Keep it going :wink:

Good luck on your journey


crude an emotive image ill keep an eye on this:deal:


sweet pic, good luck



thank you all for your reflections!:bounce: I’ll keep in mind your advises working on this image!


oh…it looks so sad…

i like the concept with the little bigger head…
those big sad and cute eyes…

keep at it!!


I’ve changed the composition. I suppose it makes my intention more clear. your comments are welcome!


the light over the mountings emphasizes the purpose of the path. the mammoths are leaving and the people have to follow them. grievous face of the child is smoothly lighted by a fading fire.


This looking wonderful. I really like your composition. Great work so far!



thak you, enialadam!:slight_smile: vbmenu_register(“postmenu_3306212”, true);



first step modelling the character. what do you think about it?


I like her expression, but her shoulders are naked… at the ice age?