The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Alex Dima


nu shtiu ce s-a intamplat equilibrium…

Okay folks, I am going to submit my final image, so I am having a bit of trouble. The filesize limit is 150 kb … too bad :frowning: it really messes my pic up. but i’ll submit it bigger size and lower quality aniway…


The story behind this image is happening in the world of the small living things… bugs.

Just like people, bugs organise themselves, they live together, travel together. If bugs invade our kitchen, we freak out, but for them, we are the invadors, so the solution is… if they’re not stronger than us, they’ll leave us alone…

The journey begins when Jimmy, the freaked-out worm runs away from home and his gang of buddies starts looking for him.
First place to search for Jimmy is actually his mushroom home, and Marty the snail already complains about being tired.
" Marty: Hey guys, are we there yet?? my shell is starting to crack open, I’m getting old you know?? Can’t we just rest a bit??
Uncle ANToine(blue ant): We’re nearly here, stop crying you big baby.
AUNT Betty(brown ant): Oh will you shut up and watch where you’re dropping your ooze?? Messy messy messy! "

They should hurry up and find Jimmy before those birds get him. Spots, the lady bird bug is worried about that.

" Honey(the bee): They’ll taste my needle before me if they try anything funny… I’ll show them!
Uncle ANToine: Aniway… we should hurry.
Marty: HURRY!!! "

Well… as the felloship slowly searches for Jimmy, the sun sets slowly and those birds are flying fast. Don’t let them get you, guys.


So, this is the story, but a journey just begins, so, it doesn’t end here. That’s why I pressed the PAUSE button. The story will finish some other time, in “The Journey Ends”.

Aniway, hope you like the picture, and wish you all good luck in the contest…



I should upload some bigger res… can’t host big pics. I need a tip… maybe imageshack

I did it… I guess


congrats :slight_smile:
iti urez bafta !


frumos! imi palce cand vad romani talentati pe aici :slight_smile:
cateva chestii totushi: incearca sa redai obiectele din plan apropiat mai detaliate si cele din departare mai sterse ca sa creezi iluzia asta de perspectiva :stuck_out_tongue:
chiar daca e un stil cartoony de colorat, culorile trebuiesc mai bine alese, altfel se confunda lucrurile care le ai acolo, plus ca nu ar strica niste detalii/imperfectiuni pe ele.


many thanks for both my compatriots… nice to see my own people part of cgsociety… it’s encouraging


Hi Alex, looks like you had little problem with your first entry! Congratulations on such a great job! Composition is good and I really like those mushroom houses and the details you have chosen. Good Luck!


thanks for all the help man, looking forward to see more in your portofolio, cause your entry is great. top 7 for sure (and if i’m wrong, i’m an idiot)


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