The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Alex Dima


Bounce lights!.. Next step>>>color… finally!


bun inceput, abia astept sa o vad colorata, bafta :thumbsup:

good start, waiting to see it coloured, good luck


this is what i’ve done so far… it’ll need more adjustments… but in final phase


this is looking very nice, its developed well and is something really unique and stylised, very nice work, i’ll be following this to see the colour and how it develops.


this morning’s work. please tell me if the rocks’ colors seem too exagerated… for me it looks fine but those colors aren’t very specific to a rock


So many colors :slight_smile: i’ll soon go blind


Phew… done with the color fills. Like it? Next thing i wanna try is a new sky and paint some background elements such as hills or something… after that… i’ll get to the fireworks :smiley: some raindrops on the big plant, smoke from the chimneys… some… Atmosphere :smiley:


Lovely style you have here Anarki, and interesting to see how you go about your lighting. Do you have background in 3D at all? I asked because your style has wonderful volumes and shapes. I really love the flower on the right, and the worm, he’s great!

Only thing I can think of right now is on the guideline pages, there is the suggestion that challenge participants consider the use of atmospheric haze or depth of field. Maybe some fainter mushrooms or plants in the background would help to add depth?

Other than that, great work.


Wow! I’m really impressed…you’re still in highschool Alex??

Great subtle coloring blends…really very much enjoy your shadowing technique as well as your sense of form, maintaining consistent shapes. Very well composed image! Also love the overall color balance. Wonderful image. Can’t wait to see more!


Thanks for support so far… any nice comments make me feel sooooo happy…LOL

Zephyri: Like… WOW… it’s truly an honour. Your work is amazing… Thank you. No, my image is fully 2D, and yes, more background contents to express depth will be added… and also some adjustments on the far part of the grass (maybe). Like I said… some hills with minor stuff(houses… trees… crop fields… I dunno)

oceanbluesky: wow I am so surprised my work is appreciated. I think my style is so crappy. Yes… time is absorbed because of HIGHSCHOOL… dammit… don’t u just hate that? Thanks for appreciating this pic… it’s my first contest ever.


ha! i love the expression on the snails face, how hes just like :stuck_out_tongue: lol reminds me a bit of A Bugs Life, and anything that reminds me of Pixar, is a winner…so cool!

and lol i didnt even realize the worm till now! :smiley:


the cool thing about this challenge is that I meet amazing artist such as you guys… girls.

adonihs, your entry is awesome… how in heaven’s name people like you even look at this kind of garbage?


Listened to Zephyri’s advice… and drew a fence in the background, added a subtle fog to express depth…(silly ideea, but couldn’t do anything else, or think of) In this pic, depth is not so noticeable, but it’s mostly expressed by the sky and the panorama.

There were major mistakes that I didn’t notice and fixed them all.

As final touch-ups, I added some glows on the liquids and smooth surfaces (bugs’ eyes, worm’s skin). Also some rain water on the weird plant right side.

Also added sun on sky, some clouds and smoke from chimneys. The sun gives an almost dusk appearance.

I am done, I guess… can’t think of other modifications.

Hope you enjoy it. I am going to upload four detail shots at 50 % of original size.


first detail shot…


second… water on plant


Funny worm


last detail shot… the bee turned out best… in my opinion.

So, for me, the overall mood of the pic looks fine, but if the colors seem too disturbing to your eyes, please tell me.

I will soon upload the final image. Cheers!


your style and technique is top-notch, pal – very nice work! crisp, perfected and consistent. like this piece a lot! definitely prize-worthy…


like… “prize-worthy”??? gosh… now, my ego runs wild, like… “dewd…”

Man… I can’t believe it myself… such amazing and experienced artists turn their head to a newbie’s work.
I am now determined to really study and work more.

Thanks a lot jevinart


Cred ca ai gresit persoana la reply :D, mi-a venit mie mesajul pe e-mail in loc de “jevinart”