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Hello everybody! First of all, I just wanna say “I R a NOOB” … because it’s my first challenge entry ever, maybe the first contest I am part of.So, I’ll just be honest and say this: “Pleaaase God! All I wish are some nice comments and critics… that’s all”… So, this means I’m begging for your support, of course, advices and stuff.
I am praying for free time, since I’m in highschool (I hate highschool), so I hope I’ll manage to get this done.

My tools: A4 size paper, mechanical pencil - sketch
Photoshop CS2, Wacom Graphire 4 - digital

So, this is the initial sketch, of course, high contrast.
I’m planning to trace this one up for lineart, then basically use selections.
No fireworks here, just the basics, and I’ll probably not use any special technique, just carefully select, color, cartoon style. This will kinda look like an illustration from some coloring books for children. :smiley:

Hope I don’t make a fool of myself :((
Let’s get it on!
Good luck to you all, I love you guys.


funny charester :slight_smile: good luck


i just love the funny worm…and that snail…it has some socks hanging there;))…it’s an interesting story…an interesting journey…takes me back to my story reading time:thumbsup:…just love the variety of charcters:bounce:


Nice characters, looks like a happy fellowship :slight_smile:
I very much like the expression of the snail, exhausted cause he has to carry his home with him, great!

The perspecitive on the mushroom at the left side looks a bit strange, like we are seeing it from above. And maybe you should make some more space above to give a better sense of scale.


Jenishbeck - thx… i’ll need it

Mumphy - yup, the center of interest is the snail for sure… i’ll try my best to make them even goofier… hmm, and the mushroom is just tilted to the side, so i don’t have to draw the stuff under the hat, it could look uncool … thx for comment. I’ll give a damn about it, of course

Andreea - “ditto” … just don’t tell anyone :love:

Thanks a lot for C&C’s they were nice so far. I’m preparing my next milestone, stand by :bounce:


Cool style and characters! If I may make a suggestion I wouldn’t place the walking characters on the bottom of the screen, but give them some ground (a stone path?) to walk on, just a little bit above the ground. It would help giving the image a bit more depth and volume.

Good luck, nice start!


Oookay… so, what just did was to trace the sketch, add details, fix errors, such as the characters’ walk path.

An interesting thing i want to do in this picture… to split it in 3 sections: the front - some rocks and plants, middle stuff - the mushrooms and characters, far -landscape,and stuff behind characters.
Of course, this requiered to also split the lineart.

In the final stage, I could make a lense effect based on these parts, so the camera would focus on the characters and mushrooms.

So… I still need to add some background and other details, but most important, some tall grass behind the mushrooms and a few in front.

Also kinda need your help… the final image will be 5510 x 1958 or so at 600 pixels per inch. DOES THAT RESPECT THE FINAL FTP IMAGE REGULATIONS??? i didn’t really understand the rules, so all i need is a Yes or No

If it’ll not be ok, I’ll try to make the image taller by adding an extra piece to it

Thanks for support, see ya


Hi Alex, thank you for visiting my thread. I thought it would only be polite for me to answer your question in yours. :slight_smile:

The instructions say that the minimum size is 2657x3636 at 300dpi. Currently, I have planned for my final image to be 2800x9800 at 300dpi.

As for your image, if you are working at 600dpi, (which I’m curious as to why, since 600dpi is a bit high to work with, unless you are planning to print it at poster size, the difference isnt going to be noticeable at normal print) you should be fine with 5510 x 1958. But if you are downsizing to 300dpi, I wouldn’t let the height get lower than 2657, which is the minimum by requirement.

I hope that helped. :slight_smile:

Btw, good Luck to your first entry! This is my second and I can still remember how it was the first time. I was so nervous, haha. But judging from from your first few drawings, I think you will do just great! I will surely come back for more later!


oh god! but the pic’s height is already 1958 :frowning: i’ll be more specific:

HEIGHT: 1958 ; WIDE: 5510

I really need to know this, because I’m already in lineart phase and I can’t go on without being sure about this


Sorry Alex, what I meant was your current resolution should be fine but to play safer, my advice to you is really to work no lower than 2657x7491 at 300DPI (according to the aspect ratio of your image). But you don’t have to take my word for it. If you are still not sure, there’s a FAQ here: or you can post it as a question to Mibus, which I’m sure he would say roughly say the same thing and may even get impatient with having to answer so many similar questions every challenge anyway.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Hmm… after some thoughts … I think I’ll just add an extra piece to the pic, to make the height about 2700. This way I’m sure I’ll get it done properly. It just take extra time, but shouldn’t be a problem. Aniway… Pat Piper, thanlks a lot for the help, CGtalkers are always helpful. I’ll continue to watch your entry, it looks great


So… considered Pat’s advice, and added an extra piece to the pic, and now the aspect ratio is 5510 x 2700 YAAAAY!
Also the mushroom on the left had to be completed, and now I’ll get to the next phase, figure out some background stuff

Thx for support


Hello again. So now because the pic is bigger, I need to add extras. Look! some crazy plant.

Well… it has it’s purpose. I need your opinion. This story could happen in daylight, or night. The plant would be glowing if nighttime, such as many other objects and could make a cool atmosphere. But if in night time, I would unintentionally hide details.

So, daytime, or night? I’ll think about it while I continue the lineart



It’s hard to draw grass :frowning: So, added grass on the road’s edges, some minor adjustments, and voila! Cartoon-like lineart. Hope you like it so far… Next phase is coloring


Started to shade everything. I am using a light grey base layer and more layers with 3 kinds of purple… Polygonal lasso tool very useful here


the shading is looking very good!
it might be hard to draw grass, but you did it very well, I specially like the way you drawed all the vegetation… good job


More shading :smiley: too bad everything needs to be covered in shade because of the light direction… that’s why small living things in the grass are always hidden :stuck_out_tongue:


This is it… final shading… phew. that took some time… Time that I don’t have :frowning: Next , I am going to do some lighting… wish me luck


I took a light yellow for light… to give a sense of warmth. it’ll be sunny weather. I should do some bounce lighting, but that is already too hard for me… too much elements in this pic… but maybe i’ll give it a try