The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Adam Perry


nice sketches. are they all elements in a greater composition? I’d like to see that. great stuff. I love the expressions you achieve on the characters.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m hoping to get started on the full pic in the next couple days (fingers crossed!)…

The best indicator of what I’m aiming at is the concept sketch on the second page (the one with all the greenery). If you can picture the other sketches integrated into that… then you might get an idea of where it’s going… ehm… or just be really confused! :thumbsup:


Think it’s about time I posted some updates!

This was a bit of a pain to do - didn’t really enjoy it, but I perservered cause I knew it would make the painting go more smoothly.

I was going to take it further than this but got bored. Still - it gave me a good start! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post the first colour in a moment…


This has to be one of the most fun stages - as it progesses very quickly from dull lines to full colour scene! :smiley:

It looks quite tight at this size - but this is just the basic block in. I’ve already spent several hours on it since, so I’ve filled in some more details (like a proper harness and umm… sticky out wood-things that go either side of the pony…).

I’m also toying with a sign post in the foreground - looks quite funky, but I haven’t decided whether to include it yet.

I’ll post another update once I’ve got it feeling more coherent… :wink:


Arrghh cute, i love it.
Your style is very cool :wink:


great painting this. easy to understand, great emotion in the characters. good luck with the final detailing. i really wanna see this finished. good stuff


This is looking really promising! Nice light, great subject and lots of cool characters, including a horse! I just looked at your first page and the ‘no last minute rushes’ comment… i reckon you’ve got some rushing to do! :slight_smile:

Good luck with it (and Painter’s Acrylics!)


Did I say that?!!! Surely not I?!! :blush:

Yes… a bit of rushing indeed I have to do… BUT - Thankfully I’m in a much better position than the last 2 challenges! :thumbsup:

Elendil - Thankyou!

domclubb - Cheers! - That’s a reasurring comment!


Umm… Here’s an update! :slight_smile:

Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, but I have still got loads to do on it…

Lots of detailing, refining, and some general fixing and balancing.

Thanks for looking! :wink:


Really it’s a good work :wink:

I love it …


Done a round of detailing.

I think it’s starting to come together. Still many hours of work left though…


cool characters’ its like “THE FOUR BROTHERS”.,movie but fantasy version.hehe i like that granma piloting the horse.,


Still have a good few hours work to go…

I tried to upload this last night, but I kept getting that site maintenance message!.. Hope that doesn’t happen today!

…on with the final push! :smiley:


“Another Whirlwind Adventure!”

A warm zephyr blew through the valley. The grass rippled, and the leaves seemed to dance – as if sharing in the fun. This promised to be another grand adventure! The beer flowed, and the song along with it. All was well
except – somewhere amongst the throng of merriment, someone wasn’t quite as overjoyed as the rest

“Oh yeah
happy, happy
joy, joy
If this is going to be anything like the last one” Thought Bill the Pony “
I think I might just take a long walk off the next available cliff


I made a few minor alterations before uploading the full image. The changes are barely noticeable, but I thought I’d post it anyway…

And I just want to say congratulations to everone who got their pics finished - and the very best of luck to you all! :slight_smile:


cool stuff man! kind of reminds me of robin hood in some ways! :thumbsup: good luck mythmaker :slight_smile:


congrats on your great final, funny lovely piece with a great atmosphere and awesome characters, love how you approached it with style and humor :slight_smile: best of luck on the final Judgements!


I feel with Billy the Pony… poor thing… :smiley: and I love that luxuriant foliage and the light…


Slav - Thanks! - Good job on yours too! :wink:

Sacha - Cheers! - Glad you like it! It was a bit different to my usual stuff - I decided to go with a simple theme this time - wanted something focussed and refined. Hope I suceeded! :slight_smile: Sorry you didn’t get one finished…

Mona - Thankyou - The foliage was tough work - especially the trees! I was trying to achieve a natural look - I think I did ok, but trees are really complex - I could have worked on them a lot longer…


I love your work and your image is wondefrull !!
Cool :wink: