The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Adam Perry


Thanks beelow!

I was only joking though… :wink:

Just have to figure out the most effective composition.


Nice ass.

No, I mean… You know what I mean. Good lighting too.


Oi! Are you trying to compromise the integrity of my thread?!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just did this…

Not much expression - just trying to give a better idea of what’s supposed to be in the pic.

Might try to include more open scenery though…


It’s got such depth. Damn that’s good! Flesh this one out and it’ll be fantastic.


nice sketch, good sunny atmosphere :slight_smile:


nice colors, great sketches :thumbsup:



JTD - Thanks! - It’s an interesting effect, though I’m not sure I’ll blur the actual piece like this. I prefer to use painterly techniques…

Arseny - Thankyou - I haven’t decided on the weather yet - but I’m quite keen on a hazy summer day…

Squibbit - Cheers! :slight_smile:


Another quickie I did last night…

I really want to nail the style before I get started on the actual piece.

One problem I’m having is that the theme is kind of a parody - so if elements are clichéd it actually goes with the feel of the piece. But my usual instincts are towards more original stylised pieces…

So - it’s fun to do something very different, but also an added challenge!

I hope I’ll find a happy balance… :smiley:


nice… :bounce: this gonna be fun to follow


I really like your painting style… I need to start using my painting in a more sketchy sort of way like your doing here… going to be very interesting and very helpfull to me to see this one develop… hope you post lots!



Nice little updates dude, keep’em coming! I will be watching!:thumbsup:


Good luck, looks good sofar, will be back for more.:cool:


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?!!.. No! - It’s… just another quick sketch! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for all the comments! (overly generous as they may be…)

…helpful?! As in ‘so you’ll know what not to do’?!! :curious:


Hey Mythmaker!

I can’t speak for norvman, but I find it extremely helpful seeing how an image develops from the original concept or concepts through to the finished piece. Not so much in learning not what to do, but getting an insight into the thought process of the artist and how they interpret the theme of the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing your final image…


I’m really keen to get working on the full picture now - just haven’t had much time for it… I’m really looking forward to the Easter holiday! :smiley:


It’s a kodak moment! :smiley:


cool concept, bad a$$ horse, I really like your style. Yes, I agree, really nice expressions, I think expressions would be the key element of the concept ‘drunken oafs’.
Good luck!

my journey begins


i like the last one…the dudes look like they are having fun and not caring whee they are going…the trip could be “starting” when they wake up from their little party…lol…like me sometimes :slight_smile: