The Jellies, Kei Acedera (2D)


Title: The Jellies
Name: Kei Acedera
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

This is a piece I made for the cover of our new “Water Worlds” book.

As I kept looking through my pile of jellyfish references, I started to see these funny little aliens riding inside them! They’re a band of singing jellyfishes…

Here are some sneak-peeks of the book:

Hope you like it:)


i like your cover, how beautiful!


Yeah Kei,
Love your funny toonish cover.
funny characters as usual…
Love colors, lighting and render; very nice illustration Kei.


Your work as usual are amazing!!
I would cut an arm in order to succeed to make work like thus

(mmm with one arm only I would succeed ???) :thumbsup:


i’m always in love with your creations :slight_smile:
lovely characters as usual. The book look fresh and very colorful.




Great image! I love the details on each of the jelly fish. I luv seeing your work always give me a nice fuzzzy feeling ;D and grats on the new book ;D


I’d love to see these guys built and animated in CG one day!
Such fun characters!


wow! i want that book
amazing characters, and very nice cover choice, you guys must have a lot of work and fun doing this! it really makes me want to draw


A very fun and beautiful concept!!


Looks like one of your best books yet. Congrats Imaginism! I’ll be checking the mail until I receive my copy :slight_smile:


this is wonderful!!! so refreshing and fun!!


Thank you guys for the comments! I really appreciate them.

Brehme- Thank you!!

olive2d- Thanks so much, glad you like it! It was a ton of fun to paint.

neurolinked- lol…you need your arm!

PaLantir- awww thanks so much!

jicks- Thank you! I’m happy that it gives you a nice feeling :slight_smile:

digital-bobert- OOooh that would be soooo fun!!

rawgon- Yes, its by far our most creative book, it was really fun to make!

Jason-Seiler- Thank you so much!

Big-Boi- Thank you so much for your support!

CNell- Thank you! I’m glad you like it.

Here is the original sketch …


They are so cute! :slight_smile:


I love your work Kei! Love the sketch as well!!


This is way too cute, but I wouldn’t dare touching them. What a great way ot transportation. I’m in love with the green one, it just seems to be so inspired!


well, also the sketch are such a wonderful greetings card.
Lovely! From your fast rough i can see how your heart beat with genuine love for art!
Congratulation dargling. Is always a pleasure watch your work and Bobby aswell.

love you two and your illustrations :slight_smile:



your work as wonderful


Doh !!! l’ I have already cut my arm

Just a little of superglue and it returns all to the right place :arteest:
You are the best one! :applause:


Its so cute! I like it very much


So adorable…