the JAWS effect


my half penny comment. :slight_smile:

If you guys are going for realism, seems the upper left brightness and color are a bit unreal considering the reflection on the water make the sun seems to be setting behind the clouds?

If you are shooting for looks and don’t mind stylized, then I get it- the dark/light on the sides does visual balance.

Of course, nature is’nt predictable, so maybe this is taken from a picture and that’s really how it was lit? curious to know…either way, it’s some nice work.


well it takes reference from two grabs Darran sent me from jaws, but in trying to be somewhere between it’s actually ended up look nothing like either.
Lighting probably doesn’t ring quite true because it’s out of my head somewhat, and because i’m not worried about the sea, which will hopefully be Realflow.
That said, the light at the top was deliberate artistic license in that i wanted to rim light the edges of those clouds for more drama (will probably get some rays in there too) while having a setting sun that will transform into our (also fake) moonlit night scene not long after.

Artistic license and realism aren’t always the best of bed fellows, but i’m hoping i’ve found a nice dramatic mid-ground… and as i start to define those cloud masses, hopefully it’ll get more dramatic and more realistic


Thanks for that info…adds a a nice BTS for what you guys are putting into it. :buttrock:

A still image is always easier to notice things since you can stare at it repeatedly…in a film sequence it would probably be a breif piece of visual candy that no one would wonder about.


Hello all ,

Martin wanted to up , but asked me as he uploaded late to Vimeo & had to shoot off to work this morning .

Its nice to see the barrel :thumbsup: & it is the longest clip , but works as it should with the "Spanish Ladies " song attached to it (or sung along with it ).

It is WIP like the others so will be tweeked !

Martin Will let Jan know about the Maya files to be upped into his folder on the ftp ,so Jan can start to block out the lighting .



I’m looking forward to getting my hands really dirty. I just can’t wait… Once the proper pipeline starts to roll on, things shall be running a bit more smoothly.

I just thought I’d post this… I highly recommend everyone to click this. =)
The shot of the White breaching the surface at full steam and bursting out beyond the waves. Just look at those pink gummy Jaws. Simply amazing.


Nice to see some vids! :bounce:
Looking good guys.


Thanks SD .

We have slowed down a bit,but hopefully some news on its way at some point in the near future .

All the best



Wish you the best in your hurdles on the project- look forward to hearing how you all make out. Appreciate you and your team more and more. :thumbsup:


The JAWS effect is being closed down for the time being & put on permanent hold.

Since Christmas the project has been a strain on me . I have a medical condition recently come to light that needs to be addressed asap , and could be a while to get it sorted.

I wish to especially thank Team members . Jan , Herman, Prem ,Ray and Martin & other artists who have come and gone, and given us their best wishes.

I have informed the teams sponsors Next Limit & Scan computers ,and others that were on the horizon of my decision & they have kindly left the door open if I am fit and well to continue .

I wish to thank Soft Distortion for his support and best of luck to other team leaders on their projects .

I hope this is not Fair well & Adieu . but need to be with my family at this time .

Take care


(This is a UPDATE . 07th May 2011

I had a ultra sound scan on my throat & has revealed 7 tumers /cysts growing around it.It might be thyroid based , I just dont know yet .

I have to have a MRI to see where abouts these are and how fast they are growing .This itself takes time.

Its all about calming down & getting it all sorted & possible operations to remove some or all of them.
I do hope intend to return to the project at some stage,fit and well .)

Thanks for the pms & best wishes from all .


sod the project,

get better mate, your team will be here for you when you come back, you have my full support and best wishes,

Now chin up, and all that fine British resolve you have and fight through,

looking forward to seeing you back on the forums when you are better, :thumbsup:




Take care of yourself, Darran. Health and family come first. We will all be here whenever you’re ready to come back.



I hope you see progress with your health challenges -
You all did amazing work on this project and for what it’s worth, you all won my respect and admiration more and more as we got to know each other a bit better.



Get better mate, look after yourself and yours first and foremost!

Let me know when things kick off again


Re yesterday’s up-date: So sorry to read your latest news Darran. I hope things go well and that you will soon be returned to good health. My best wishes to you and your family.


Tomorrow I go in for my operation that has taken me out of the game for well over a year now.
I have told the guys on the team and I wish to say it here now .
My intentions is to bring the project back this summer .
I will post again to say all went ok , this week .
I can only say that I am confident that all will go ok ,and I have already pushed the go button and I cannot come back from it or do not wish to do so .

All I can leave you is a little bite to look forward to is … " Field Research " .



Coffee once you’re up for it… be good to kick things off again

GL for tomorrow mate, hope all goes smoothly and you feel better quickly


Good luck, Darran! Make sure you’re well before you go pushing ahead too fast.

Looking forward to Bruce’s come back!



Wishing you a fast recovery!


Hope you get up on your feet soon, nothing worse than being ill during a project. Been looking forward to your updates. Get your self fixed up mate.

all the best



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