the JAWS effect


the JAWS effect is a short live action fan film sequence codenamed: Quints Song

It is set on a calm ocean,on an a almost cloudless moonlit night near Amity.

A small boat is carrying a father and son,they went out with other boats including the orca that day,looking for the shark that killed Alex Kitner.they had no luck,and have run out of chum,which the boy has been gutting & mincing all day.
They are seated in fish blood,seeping through the bottom of the boat, and suddenly the boat gets bumped.

The father stops rowing,and looks out.

A barrel pops up on the surface about a hundred yards in front of the boat.

It starts being towed towards the boat.

(This is where Quints song start),and as the barrel disappear
under the little boat.
The father grabs his rifle ,looks at his son,as the song finishes,and silence ensues.

The Shark and barrel breach in front of him.the fish rises up,
rolls over, opens its jaws and takes the father,destroying the
little boat.It sends the son into the water.

As the boy struggles at the surface he hears a few short screams
from his father.He turns to swim towards the wrecked boat,but his way is blocked
by the barrel in front of him,as the boy starts to scream,he is almost gently lifted out of the sea and swallowed into the mouth of the great fish.which disappears beneath the surface.

( story has been updated as of 2010 )

I need a small crew to make this dream happen,its easy to say that ive been a fan of Jaws for years,and great whites even longer.
But the reason ive put this up is that i can no longer think that i can do this alone,and also wanting to do a 3d great white for years,and i think ive got pretty far,i had a break through on the shark design a few years ago.I wrote a fan email to the guys who made the airjaws series ,and told them that it was my intention to make the best 3d great white out there and animated,and the jaws effect idea,and they were very kind to me,but said the detail i was asking for,they never got that bloody close to them.So i thought that was that,but i got a email from the shark headquarters of the world,the Natal Shark Board!
They said what do i need!
Well i actually went to town! close ups of teeth,skin,cuts,scrapes,you name it, i listed it.
They emailed me back saying they see what they could do,and it might be a while as the sharks are getting rarer,and they have to be caught in the nets,and dead,they release of course those sharks they find!
So i waited & waited ,the after 8 months i got a cd sized package from south africas Natal shark board!.
They had 2 great whites caught and died in the nets,and they then 8 guys pulled these 2 of the rarest sharks out of the freezer,and took the photos that i asked.I nearly cried.I was one very lucky guy!and the only one outside of the natal shark board,with these cool pictures ,and would help a 3d artist(s) build a realistic great white BRUCE

So i worked on them building the shark,but my working knowledge of maya and z brush only got me frustrated,so thats when i thought about help,and the main thing is not the work ive done,but getting the work finished!

So im going to include some of the pictures up to what my upload can take,and then i hope i can get some crew that would help me sail until the end.

the next post will be my efforts of the shark i have made.and what technically i am after.

All Jaws puns gratefully accepted by the way,i am not without humour!

and any help that might be offered will be gratefully accepted too!




Please forgive my ignorance of the slight quashing of the shark jpegs not at all versed at simple ps actions!

Which is 1 part of my problem,

I need a team to start from scratch.

I would like to be team leader or ships captain,and get my hands dirty do the mundane and boreing,or step in to a needed position if asked(proberbly all ,but who knows).

A Box modeler & Z brusher or mudbox who can take my faulty male base and either start from scratch or retopolize a useable basemesh ready for animation.

Upper and lower teeth.

Upper Jaws and lower.

The famous 3 barrels & tracking marker of Mr Hoopers.& ropes.

A texture artist.

A Lighting artists

A useable uv map thats clear,mines so dense.

A rigger:The mouth at full stretch,the eye roll,and the fatty upper jaws to outside of mouth slide,when biteing down.

I guess that the body bite shake,that starts at the mouth and rolls down the body

A animator: Full Breach and 3/4 head/jaws attack

And in my opinion,where i fell down. the dynamics artist.

A background artist for sky.

And post production.

I do not for one moment take lightly any of the time given for help or advice,or anyone who is employed in the industry reading this at the begining placeing a huge slap in the face of reality,as i would go a head and spend money filming the live action for the shoot,down the line.

I wish to have a animatic from start to finish,before a penny is spent.

I have maya 2008 student and access to z brush 3.1,

This is a totally non profit fan film for fun,anyone who works on building the Jaws effect ,gets the scene files to work with.

If this goes no where,or stops before getting going without any help given i understand,i wish to give out my pictures of the 2 great whites,to those who are interested.So if this thread is deleted please pm me,as i feel the effort the south african chaps did deserves something to be made.

i have not thought of everything ,but its a start,maybe if this gets going ,ill see if we can get some great white pro feedback from south africa.

Well heres the male ive done, id like to see rebuilt.
I have a slightly better detailed female,but BRUCE is male.

The Orca is still at queyside ready to sail.

Oh and Quints song is the one given after the indianapolis speech in the film.

Ill post the lyrics.




Hello,sorry i have not posted,upgraded from my old modem as was having driver problems,and no connection,so upgraded to my spanking new wifi router.
Had fun modeling the barrels and Hoopers transmitter.

Thanks for the pms.

Gonna keep going,upping a cool white pic.




This looks like fun, I wouldn’t mind helping a bit. I could texture up those barrels for you and see how we go from there.


Get me some of them images and Ill do the shark.


I’m up for the project.

I would like the pleasure of animating, I can also texture and model if needed.

Only problem is I’m just finishing up a Uni course, so I’ll be busy for 4 weeks. When that is over, I’m all yours =)


Welcome aboard guys,and all english guys at the moment!

Its nice to have you.

CLANGER :The barrels will be with you shortly,thanks

Airflow: Well, i did start on reoptimized my white at the weekend.but i will stop now.

Bruce the shark is in 5 pieces really,Body,Upper / Lower Jaws ,Teeth, & eyes !

i guess you mean start from scratch on the modeling the body only.

Ive optimized the pictures for u,so i guess your up for depending on who you believe ,Quint in at 25 feet 3 tones,and Hooper ,two and a half tons at 24 feet.Ill look for your email and ill send my screwed up, but looks good, but cannot animate shark,as i spent about 2 years making for the shape,please use as a ref or chuck in the bin.Of all the 3d whites ive seen they all have no thickness in the gills,but a white does!
thats it.On its way and thanks.If your stuck i have other photos ive collected over the years.Benchley said the shark was old and ready to die,if he stopped moving it would drop to the oceon floor,as it did in the end of the book.

can u let me know if when the base model is finished,can others on cgtalk work on it in zbrush or mudbox?

As i have a number of close up pictures of the texture skin of the great whites perfect for making it ultra real,Z brush mudbox or bump map.

MrMJKnight: thanks,well we need to get the parts and i need to do a animatic,so the timeing might be right on.So come back in and we might have some barrels for u first.Then Bruce.Do you also have any dynamics expieriance included in animation?

I wish to thank you all,i am here to help you and guide you,and take on your ideas.

The shark live action is going to be shot on a pro camera with a high resolution,and i am just putting prices together bit by bit,and i ve got to build a special rigged hear boat,for the shoot against a green screen studio backdrop,but i need it all in the animatic first and see some Bruce dynamic tests,

Still room for other people aboard & other things to do.I also want to add the marker buoy that chrissie watkins holds onto at the begining of jaws.

best wishes


another cool pic attached!


Do you still need a rigger send me an email… and I’ll help you guys out



Yes we are desperate for the shark to be rigged,for the main breach,and the head and dorsal ,when the shark takes the boy,also tail and dorsal movement seen from surface as the shark takes the father,as soon as the main base mesh and upper lower jaws finished it ts good to go,so keep a look out,and welcome aboard.
I am sending this by mobile,as my home phone is down,and bt say they will fix it asap but stressed it could be tommorow latest.just when I need it up,sorry about that!I’m getting on with the animatic.
" here’s to swimming with bow legged woman’
Dazz out


Great! just send the file to leeanthonythompson@gmail and hopefully we talk more. I’m in


Ill be modelling, uving, sculpting and texturing it from scratch. But Illl need those images right away. I got a 2 week window. So if you can send them over it be cool.


I’ll try my best to get them over to ight, I’m at btw mercy with my home phone


Ok i sent the reference pictures and my old GWS mesh for Ref and textures to Airflow,i hope they went over ok,as i had problems with my internet this week.Best of luck to Airflow.

If anyone else still wants to model a little,Quints harpoon arrowtips the 3 that impact on Bruce.

Its a quick job,but important.

heres the link

ill be working on script 1st at the weekend,and putting it up after ive finished,then storyboards and animatic.



if you need any tracking done, ide be happy to help.


Tracking will be needed on most of the shots,its a big job. Thanks for coming on board.

Heres another pic,this time a real breach of south Africa,this will be the kind of thing that we want Bruce to do,but at night.



Looks impressive, is he gonna do this under the boat or jump up onto it like in the film?


I am hopeing he will explode from the ocean barrels first then rise up opening and closing his mouth for a few test bites as GWS s do then he takes the father in his mouth,and the weight of the shark will break up the boat on impact,sending the son into the air as well.

Fathers in the water,sons in the water,shark`s in the water …our shark!

Storyboards gonna tell this one nicely i think,i have been pm `d by a artist with intrest in doing them.

all the best



Do we still need someone to make a harpoon? I can do a harpoon… does it matter the size etc…


Yes please. i saw i saw it as about a foot in length give or take,but we can resize it accordingly.its in the link given,i know its not much but at least it almost gives a side view.The three arrows will be into Bruce at the time of the attack so although we wont see the tips,i think for a portfolio and credit, it would be nice for you to construct it whole.We will duplicate the one for three.
We will have fun later about where we need to place them exactly.

Thanks it might be small but it will be in every frame with Bruce in,also if you got the 30th anniversary dvd,Quint is seen loading it,before fireing into Bruce.




Dazzan its about time you shared this shark project,but why did not you mention your Bava(british amatuer video) award,best visual effects for Self-destruct,lighting and make-up,might as well use if you won it …ok 1992-3 but it beat all the others!

Ill help out on post.

Cant believe you came off Tinnman after all those years working on it,well this is the project for you.
Your love for Great Whites and Jaws.Its gonna be fun.
All the best

And remember “Shoot For The Edit”. lol