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hi , if i active the irradiance particles and i have a crash , i just active in render render settings-options-diagnose bsp- size, i have the bsp2 and the version 64 bits for maya 2011


You don’t need an indirect lighting method with iRay. It is a path tracer and does that automatically on its own. Turn off FG, GI, IP, etc. It’s unnecessary.


too bad there’s no demo of mental ray standalone so I could try this out on OS X. Would have been nice to use as a benchmark for the Quadro 4000 review I’m just finishing up.


Hey cgbeige, please link us to the quadro 4000 review when it’s done, I’m interested to read what another cg guy has to say about it, I actually own one.



Well i’m pretty much done with my assessment (I’m reviewing the Mac edition). It’s a huge improvement over the 4800 and the drivers, while still shitty for viewport 1 compared to the Windows drivers, are very good with vp2. It got the same score as the radeon 5870 for a large scene play blast and the msaa doesn’t cause a big hit. There are some bugs and opencl is still AWOL but that’s coming. I like it for sure - two of them with VrayRT would be cheaper than a 5000 and has more cores and it’s great that they didn’t go apeshit with a Mac-specific card (it has a little sticker on it saying Mac version) so the price is the same as the Windows version, which has always been an issue with Mac cards until now. I just hope we don’t have to wait for 10.7 for opencl support (the betas have this but the viewport is unusable in Maya with the 10.7 betas). New GL 3.2 implementation so that’s to be expected.

But I’ll put the link yo the full review in my sig later.


tanks, i dont know


Ok, thanks for the short version. I’ll keep your sig in check for the complete one.


Sorry rBrady, where did you attached the script? i can find it, probably i’m blind


i have questions about some problems ,
got almost everything resolved thanks to the answers in the other thread

i am asking here as this is a more iray centered thread , and that may be more people would chime in with suggestion .

i did install the script : fine
turned off the frame buffer mode : fine

i can now render with iray
the problem is that my ipr crash everytime it try to refresh

3 questions :

  • do anyone else have the same issue ? :curious:
  • what to do ?? :cry:
  • could it be video drivers related ? :lightbulb

thank you for any light that could be shed into this matter


Hey xtrm3D

I was testing iray with a work colleague a few weeks ago on maya 2011. Yeah we also experienced those same issues. I guess it stems from iray not being propperly intergrated to maya yet ?
I would like to know if the same crashes happen on 2012.


Sorry, I forgot to attach my script to this thread.

Its not officially supported at all, so crashes are to be expected. It’s a “use at your own risk” scenario. Try a clean scene with some simple geo first. Its easy to run out of memory and crash the app. Its a bit like going back to the 32bit days.

BTW, I got binary proxies working, they work great. Once I get to 64 trees I run out of memory and it crashes though.



The press release for MR 3.9 said that iRay would support more materials, but so far it seems like it’s still just mia_mats.

Does anyone know if any additional materials are supported?


I’m not getting this to work at all. First off I can only find 1 of the 3 files you’re supposed to copy, the libiray.dll is the one I find.

Using the attached script, I can get the iray Rendering Options Version 1.1-window up and all, but there’s no “PRG”-button in my renderview to easily get the settings up. Also, when I render it, it’s not using the GPU at all, only the CPU. There’s no indication whatsoever in the Render View nor the Script Editor that iray is being used.


probably 3ds max shader? :slight_smile:
iray is-not-yet-integrated in maya


I am a huge supporter of iray and I am very excited about what the future holds. I feel like installing iray in maya right now is a bit like seeing excerpts of an obscure movie at comicon. It can be very exciting and you can see some great stuff, but its far from a polished movie theater experience.

I would recommend that anyone that tries out iray never put it into production on anything that has a near future deadline. It is not production ready in that way. Having said that we have shipped a few shots that used it, but they were short and simple.

A good reason to play with it now is that there are limitations to GPU computing, There is very little gpu memory right now. This is not very likely to change. Regular CPUs will always have more ram available than a GPU. So I am not convinced that there will ever be a time that GPU rendering totally takes over. But having iray as a mode of mental ray seems like a great move. You can always fall back to regular mental ray if you have a heavy scene. Now its just a matter of getting iray up to mental rays level of refinement. (kind of an oxymoron)

Anyway, all we can do is wait and watch and hope that iray will get better. In the mean-time, regular mental ray is my staple.


I have nothing against iRay - it looks really good - but I wouldn’t have much faith in it unless something changed at AD with regards to mental ray’s handling. Progressive rendering - any day now!


I can do 2 or 3 test then gives me this error:

// Warning: (Mayatomr.Script): Computed memory limit of -635 MB is below threshold, setting to 128 MB instead //

I have to reboot Maya and then work for another 2 or 3 tests …


ps: i have a nvidia gtx 480, I7 with 16gb of ram, ssd hd 128 gb :cry:


hey guys

iray works fine for me in maya 2012 :slight_smile: maybe someone have an idea how i can reduce the gain in my images. i know that i can increase the samples, but maybe there is another way to get a good looking image with an acceptable rendertime. i think 4.5 hours rendertime are to much for full hd…

here is my testrender with 2000 samples and a rendertime of 7mins:

a highres version with 8000 samples in full hd and a rendertime of 4.5 hours:

hope for some cool tips and tricks :slight_smile:


iRay rocks! :beer:

using the script linked earlier in this thread I’ve done this test:

Please note that the gargoyle I’ve used comes from Jeff Pattons downloadable MAX iray test.

Max samples 2048, done in 1:33:12 with a GTX 470
mia_photographic_exposure and physical_lens_dof connected to the camera lens, mib_lookup_spherical with a HDRI connected to the environment slot. Used one arealight with physical_light and mib_cie_d in the physical lights’ color slot but I’m really not sure if that light actually does anything… haven’t tested more yet.


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