The Intuitively Counterbalanced Vehicle


Hi all,

well here is my submission for the competition. After studying Syd’s large body of work, I looked for the available niches and to be honest there were not many. In my personal opinion for a successful execution of the vehicle design, I felt I had to stay true to a few core principles; the foremost being the scenario, the “hook” and also the colour palette.

This is the Intuitively-Counterbalanced-Vehicle or the I.C.V for short.

Whether on the move or stationary the vehicle is always perfectly controlled and balanced meaning the pilot should never need to put his feet down until he wishes to leave it.
When riding, the vehicle leans through corners as a motorcycle would and when stored the steering mechanism and footrests fold into the chassis.
This is a couture way of life that encapsulates the Syd Mead vernacular; the notion of pure metal form with converging diagonals to create intersecting points of interest. To the rear, geometric intersections create the rear lighting and at the wheel hub centre the circle motif houses the vehicles integrated exhaust.

2560x1600 @ 300dpi, everything should be in submission order, thanks for viewing and I wish everyone the best of luck.


Cool! Best of luck!


Great work! Definitely in the style of Syd Mead! Congratulations and good luck!


Thanks Strannik, thats appreciated.
You too dodgeOrBURN. I’ve used most of the tricks Syd uses. The amount of detail he goes to is immense.

I might put up some close ups too.


Some close ups.


i finally found you! … you’re surely gonna be in the top three … your work is absolutely brilliant!

good luck to you dude! :thumbsup:


Cheers Nwiz, its the big day today, even more entries are flooding in. Its been a popular competition.


This work looks crisp and in the Meads style +A


Great Work. Colors & style = Syd Mead


Thanks Hola3d.
Just so the moderators know this is the older submission, the other thread is my final submission at



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