The Inevitable, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: The Inevitable
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

this image is made from several passes rendered in 3dmax with some Photoshop work…over a million polys are choking up this scene,most of which is old models re-jigged to suit this shot.
…the image theme is about the state of our planet

Thanks for viewing & any C&C

*This image has an Excellence award in Ballistic Publishings Expose 6
*Also Included in d’artiste - Matte Painting 2, in Chris Thunigs selected gallery
*image used on the cover of Advanced Photoshop magazine issue 47,and also on the cover of a Spanish Photoshop Magazine.


oh my god im realy like it, very cool the lighting and the compositing 4 stars from mi


It’s “terrible” yet strangely beautiful at the same time. Very rich environmental effects. I question where the light eminating from the street level is coming from, but it adds to the mystery so I like it. It always amazes me how detailed your cityscapes are. Your patience for the rendering process must be endless.


Great project. . . Very good.


wow Stefan…i haven´t another word. ****


Wow this picture really rocks!
Phantastic mood and great atmosphere.
I love such great environmental pics.
Really great work! 4*


great shot! I love it


thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

Dangeruss…I did take a lot of liberties with the light in this one…I was interested in getting a nice silhouette of the building against some city steam/smog,so any realism in the lighting was thrown out the door :slight_smile:

thanks again


superb, any plugin use for the creation of the city ?



Hey Stefan, just another Great ! image from you, great atmosphere and mood, what else can i say…:smiley:



thanks Andrei :slight_smile:

a healthy dose of greebling formed the base :thumbsup: …some buildings & scifi props are taken from other models I’ve made,setting up the 3d aspect of this shot took less than a day thanks to reusing the older elements



Great image Stefan. I see you are experimenting a little bit with different atmosphere and colors … this is very warm image compared to the rest of your works. Is it possible to get a few inside informations about passes and compositing. :wink:


Great sci-fi city. Love this kind of greeble.


I always wait for ur new project to come along and wonder how/what is it gonna be!
This one is great too as always.
well done


Gorgeous, man! Great lighting and sense of depth.


That is ACE! The greeble work is amazing:D


Amazing …
I wish to see animation about this beatiful sci-fi city …


Great work Stefan!! :slight_smile:
Very well done!!


thanks Toni,& thanks also for adorning my desktopthis week
I use the finalrender engine & render diffuse,specular,shadow,GI,AO,Z-depth,lighting & atmosphere passes…then mix them all up & play around with ideas in photoshop,all the citylights/vehicle lights are done in post as are a few texture details…& then a lot of color adjustments to push the atmosphere even more.I also make heavy use of the z-depth pass to add extra atmosphere

plutko,shkumbinferizi,Ge0m3tRiC,Artist-Lounge…thank you :slight_smile:

Artist-Lounge…& I wish I had the time & computing power to render an animation of it,maybe one day I’ll try projecting the render back onto some low-res geometry for a short camera pan



great work, I really like all the details! well done.