The Incredible Hulk.


Hi all,

Thanks for all the comments, always very helpful!
Seems most people think he needs bigger Pecs…

Gremlin: The rest of him is still pretty rough, I wanted to concentrate on his upperbody and get that right first. Next update will have legs and pants, I promise!

And I will post some wireframes and texture samples with the next update too, for those who like that stuff.

Here is a little update, havent had time to work much more on it sadly.


Amazing. Now turn that badboy green! Hah. One thing that I think people do wrong when designing Hulks, is that they always make his skin bright green. It looks so much more authentic if his colouring is dark green, slightly greyish, I don’t know, maybe like the colouring of an alligator or something. Look forward to see what shade you decide on.


It looks really AMAZING! This is one of best hulk I have ever seen. Great anatomy and skin shader (looks like mental ray). I really cant wait to see this done…


Agreed. This is the best Hulk I’ve ever seen, too. Is all this polygonal modelling or is it ZBrush too?


wow.Great work.
I find a little weird the fingers.Aren´t they too small compare to the thumb?
Every thing else awesome.I love the abs.



Your model look really super:) I like your lightning setup and shader with all textures:) kinda different Hulk than original green Hulk.

You have interesting style, because I immediately recognize, that you are author of Mushroom man, your anatomy looks interesting, forearms have interesting flat straight muscles, but i think you should add more meat to his pectorals and forearms, looks thin and flat to me and too close to each other(pectorals).

Could you post a side view, because his breast and pectorals looks like they are “sunken”

In my opinon, I will add a deeper definiton between high pectoral and lower pectoral, do you know bodybuilder Franco Columbu, try to look on him, he has totally defined high pectoral and lower pectorals, but too much for you purposes i think, then I would add better definition to his deltoids, but only little bit definiton not too much. And fingers looks a bit short compared to his thump and hand. But only my two cents.

I spent some time on making this manipulation to demonstrate my vision, hope you don´t kill me for this:) tell me, and I´ll delete it if you want;) I spent about 40 minutes on him, hope I helped you:)

Hope to see more settings from you:) really like your lightning and skin.


Perfect skin shader and textures. Amazin model cool work and I cant wait to finish this one Keep it up


amazing model.



I think the anatomy like jonas did is ok, i don’t understand why so many people complain about his pectorals. the guy is a mutant even if he wasn’t there are so many variations in human anatomy, that i get bored by people that only do and see by the book.


because in reality no one is really gonna be able to develop their shoulders and arms as much as this hulk has without also developing larger pectoral muscles. even though it is ficticious, some things feel wrong without matching up a little better to reality. Which is also my only crit. Your hulk is amazing, outside of a little bit more pectoral definition IMO


Looks great… I agree that pecs could use a bit more defintion.

Bloody sweet though :thumbsup:

I love those hands… dang!!!



Nice Jonas !
did you use '‘character Studio’ to pose him?
can’t wait for more…


oh man that is outstanding work. I really like the face and you have captured a true feel of hulk for sure. Really liking the skin texture. Looking forward to the updates.


Yeah, Scrawford has a point. Hulk would never actually be able to function, I think his skin would probably explode whenever he moved (!), however, there are proportion ratios in natural physics that should be adhered to as much as possible. For example, when people design dragons they usually look pretty naff just because the wing size to body mass ratio would mean a dragon the size of an elephant would need wings about 50 yards long just to take flight - and people never do that. So, in order for Hulk to move his arms and not become a cripple those pecs need bulking out. Maybe.


Really terrific looking Hulk here. I do agree about the pecs, though; a bit flat. Also, I’m not sure if the lower part of the torso is a bit too tapered for such a beefed-up behemoth; Have to wait and see how it looks when the bottom half is done. Looking forward to seeing how this guy progresses.


I don’t think hulk is lifting weights so is body should be even like you said. He changes from human to mutant so unpredictable things happen or should happen.

Flat also?

The problem is, so many people modeling by the anatomy book, that they end always with a stereotype character.


Hi jonas

great work very nice model

I would like to know did you render the hidef directly in mental ray( I know you use MR :slight_smile: ) or the lowdef using displacement map ?

I would like to have some info about your workflow if its possible?

thanks a lot

sorry for my english


I gotta admit, I’m a fan of you’re works Jonas. Great style, I love Lobo and Batman especially. And you’re hulk might be my new fav. I actually like the way the pecs are extremely broad but also flat. He still looks strong without excessive chest meat. SSS shader looks suberb also. Night.


Hehe, you got the wrong guy. He was just posting a paintover!


Oh god:eek: , I only posted paintover where I demonstrated my critics and my vision how these problem parts should look like:)

Hope, that my paintover don´t make Jonas angry, If so, I will delete it Immediately:)

So all credits for this work goes to Jonas, I apologize for confusing you Ryoku.