The Incredible Hulk.


Really stunning work!

As a long time HULK fan I must say it ROCKS! :smiley:


great work jonas, love your other stuff too. you have a very good sense of color and light besides great modeling, form and everything else…
i was wondering if you could tell a bit about yourself and where you work in europe? what is it like for a person such as yourself who focuses on character art working in that area? is there quality work around? or must you do things you would never do on your own because there isnt much character work needed? i’m sorry if im blunt but im very curious about moving to europe myself seeking character art jobs and not commercials with bouncing furry bunnies selling batteries.
oh, i’d also love to know what’s your pass breakdown workflow :slight_smile: if you render each light on it’s own and break that into passes(which?, if you could even show thumbnails of all the passes you extracted that would be cool)… like in your composite render with the background plate i noticed you had a highlight/backlight fresnel edge glow but it wasnt a light source nor reflection? i can only assume it was like a fresnel pass multiplied with the backlight pass to have it only be visible from specific back angles? that one thing in your render got me thinking (“wonder what the heck did he do to do that?”) heh.


Hey jonas and master zap, thanks for the great shaders.
Jonas, your hulk is amazing, much better than the new hulk (movie).
Thanks fr share our work with us!!! :surprised
If is possible tell us more about your modeling, texture and light process. little making of mabe? :thumbsup: thanks!!


Thanks for sharing your stuff, my son is a fan of Hulk and yours is his favourite representation :applause:



Are there plans for an animation?


Awesome, perhaps thigh it’s not big enough but I like it very much.


Jonas, you have really inspired me. I wanted to try out your shader, but being an XSI user, I had to convert it to an spdl. I just got it working. If any other XSI users want to check it out, it is available here. Thanks to you and Master Zap for sharing it.


Best hulk ive seen. 5 stars from me.


i like it alot! alot alot! get some one to rigg it and send it to me so i can have fun animating it! lol good job!


Great works man! Fantastic textures and shader!


the picture of the head, where you cant see his eyes, is amazing,
he looks about to get REALLY mad.

dont know if the leg should be bigger, considering the size of the upper body.
the skin is great, it feels like him.

you can try to make him very angry. like screming , after all he is hulk,
"madder hulk gets, powerfull hulks gets =)

very encurage work.


Great work here Jonas, it was well worth me digging my password out for this account. Incredible detail.:slight_smile:


Awesome work on the Incredible Hulk. Its truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing your process :slight_smile:


great to see you again Jonas! and great model! very marvel like :slight_smile:

what about your mushroom guy?
I loved the wayne barlowe style you had in there… Keep posting!


woah! what did you do to the headshot (page 1)?! dont getmewrong, it’s just as fantastic, but in a different way than the coseup on page 11/12 (my favs) kinda like comparing two artist styles, like Dale Keown’s Hulk and then Ed McGuiness’s Hulk. both good but very different.
could you give us a little insite on why the big change?

oh yeah and we need a bigger version of thhe new one, too small for a wallpaper on me PC!:drool:


this is the best hulk i have eveer seen. amazing work man!!


This is just plain great. Gotta agree one of the best Hulks out there. 5 stars.


Totally agree with many others that this Hulk looks better than the 2008 Hulk version.
Great modeling, texturing and rendering work! Only crit is the symmetry on the face wrinkles.
Would like to see it broken up a bit.


Great job Jonas:)
Mark W
(you gave me my job at Lionhead on the Movies all those years ago - I’m still here btw)


Amazing piece of work, YOur hulk have such a personality. Wicked masses and proportions … just too good.

Jelous here …