The Incredible Hulk.


Hi all,

     Seeing the new Hulk trailer I realized I wanted to model the hulk too, and so I did!
     Im not finished yet as you can all see but Im starting to like the overall proportions and I thought I post it here for feedback before I go on with the details.
     The textures are just really quick temp maps to see where Im at, and yes, they are not green enough at the moment! :)



Hey Jonas,

I love the modeling and rendering style – looks gorgeous to me so far, and I’m sure the rest will be equally as attractive. Keep the updates coming!




nice start man looks good


wow, good start, I am waiting for updates now :wink:


Beatiful work man ! show us a wireframe and tell us what program are you using please !**http%3A//


beautiful work man. My only crit is that his pecs seem a little flat at the moment, maybe beef them up a little?
Im looking forward to your progress.



great work so far…good to see some new work from you. i agree the pecs seem a little flat, but the abdomen is looking great so far


Thanks for your comments!

headfirst and ZippZopp: I do agree about his pecs beeing too flat, I will beef them up a little However I dont want them too big.

Thought I share some cool images I found while looking for referens:

And here is my hulk update, looks kinda small next too my refs! :wink:


I think he looks great so far! Cant wait for him to turn all green.


i agree, i don’t think you should push the pecs too far…the overall outline and shape to them is great, just a little bit more mass will work well. i don’t think the big round and bulbous look to the pecs will work here, i think that would ruin some of the nice shape you’ve worked in so far. the render is looking great too, i like the dark shadows, really helps to make his shapes pop


Still looking great, but where’s the rest of him? :scream:

I really dig whatever rendering method you’re using – that reddish/greenish haze around the high contrast areas makes it appear photographed; Really cool. We want MOAR!



agreed. I think the challenge will basically be keeping the nice shape you have already, but giving the pecs a little more meat.
good luck and keep up the awesome work.



Very nice, I recognised the muscle style from the mushroom man thread.

I reckon the chest should be bigger, because it doesn’t look very balanced to have such massive arms and such a flat chest. The chest of the old guy in the refs you posted has a bigger chest that the hulk but his arms are like a quarter of the size. But that’s just how I feel. Of course as the artist it’s totally up to you. Lastly maybe the nipples are just a teeny weeny bit too close together.

Really liking this so far! :thumbsup:


I love where your going with him, and i really digg the style but apart from the pecs as mentioned in earlier posts i feel you have a great start and i reall cant wait to see him completed.


I actually prefer this hulk to the one in the new trailer! I love this design, you’ve done a great job making something this exaggerated look believable!


thats wonderful. the wrists need work though. and i think his arms are a teeny weeny tad too short.


looks great!
This is not a criticque to you, but what I miss in all hulk models including the movie versions is some facial likeness to whomever portraying Bruce Banner. Now I now he’s suppose to be a monster and look that way, but I think it could add some character to it. To see that this guy really transformed into this monster and not just was replaced.


This is coming along well, I think that the very top part of the abbs is either too small or should not exist, the forearm is shaped unusually between the thumb and the bicep (which in itself could be inflated slightly to give it more bulge). The pecs could be widened slightly below the nipples. Also the fingers look a bit stumpy at the moment. I hope these crits will be of use to you, I expect this to look awesome when it is finished.


i like the anatomy … its coming along very well


great model i want to see the vest crash (sorry my english is very bad) only need a SSS for more realism but are great