The Incredible Hulk, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


Man that’s a great overall style and I really like the way you handled all the striations. 5*


Hello Jonas! As everybody said, you’ve done a great work here. I was wondering whether you could post some wires of your model. Thanks!


Amazing style, faboulous render. Much Better than the movie version.


I think this is pretty cool. It is very graphic and has a lot of details. The lighting and camera view gives it a dark effect. The picture looks very realistic, making the viewer feel as if he was coming to get them. :applause:


awesome!Really good job man!
Nice render!


you did the HULK justice, so take a bow. you deserve it.


Dear Jonas,

I really2 love this artwork!! :smiley: I wanna say sorry because i made this artwork into a vector as u can see here The Incredible Hulk … Actually i found your artwork on, and i downloaded it to my computer to trace it, but when i was about to trace it, i thought that i will make with my version, so it’s not quite full trace… Oh and, in the google image, there’s no artist’s name so i can’t give a credit :frowning: Then today i found a guy who commented at me about the credit problem and a permission with giving this link (to CSsociety), so i put a credit for this artwork at my gallery (bellow the artwork) and i’m asking you for a permission… would u please comment at the artwork on my gallery to represent your permission? pleaseeeeee :slight_smile: Thank you so much!!

Your fan,



Spikedlion very cool of you to make that and give credit where credit is due.
I dig your other art too. Keep up the good work.

And Jonas, Totally amazing stuff as always I can’t wait to see what your going to make next.


That’s very nice work. Perfect…


Great ! Very nice job !

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