The Incredible Hulk, Jonas Thornqvist (3D)


nice job,incredible,outstanding.


Truly amazing stuff.

Something to aspire to.


Remarkable work…the texture is really cool. I Really would like to see the character in a posed manner in a cool background setting.

Anyway good luck!


Looks great, i can only imagine the headache he gave you to come out as good as he did.


Great model.
How did you do the hair?


That’s superb 5 stars for me. Amazing.:thumbsup:


A pretty cool portrait of the green beast !



i have been searching far and wide for a hulk statue! and i could not find one that i liked. im not just looking for just any hulk statue, i am looking for the best hulk statues there is and am willing to pay. and i think this is the one i want, but the thing is i just now found out that this is CGI and not a statue. and now im wondering if you have or can make this into a statue??? if so let me know please!!! i have been searching a very long time for the perfect hulk and this is him!! iv seen so many differnt hulks and this one by far is one of the best ones iv seen…and trust me iv seen lots of hulks. but please get back to me and let me know whats up!!

my e-mail is


hello my name is luke. and i have been searching far and wide for a hulk statue. not just any hulk but the best one ther is! and i this by far is the best one iv seen. and i was wondering if you have desigend a statue of this hulk? at first i thought this was a statue but i looked into this a lot more and found this web site. and now i know its not a statue, i am willing to pay depending on how much it will cost? but i realy admire your work and would be honored to have this siting on my self at home…i have seen so many hulk statues and none of them impress me. and believe me iv seen alot of them!! so if you can help me out or not let me know ether way??

my e-mail is
thank you!!!
p.s. thers a underscore inbetween clowdydaze


Man that’s a great overall style and I really like the way you handled all the striations. 5*


Hello Jonas! As everybody said, you’ve done a great work here. I was wondering whether you could post some wires of your model. Thanks!


Amazing style, faboulous render. Much Better than the movie version.


I think this is pretty cool. It is very graphic and has a lot of details. The lighting and camera view gives it a dark effect. The picture looks very realistic, making the viewer feel as if he was coming to get them. :applause:


awesome!Really good job man!
Nice render!


you did the HULK justice, so take a bow. you deserve it.


Dear Jonas,

I really2 love this artwork!! :smiley: I wanna say sorry because i made this artwork into a vector as u can see here The Incredible Hulk … Actually i found your artwork on, and i downloaded it to my computer to trace it, but when i was about to trace it, i thought that i will make with my version, so it’s not quite full trace… Oh and, in the google image, there’s no artist’s name so i can’t give a credit :frowning: Then today i found a guy who commented at me about the credit problem and a permission with giving this link (to CSsociety), so i put a credit for this artwork at my gallery (bellow the artwork) and i’m asking you for a permission… would u please comment at the artwork on my gallery to represent your permission? pleaseeeeee :slight_smile: Thank you so much!!

Your fan,



Spikedlion very cool of you to make that and give credit where credit is due.
I dig your other art too. Keep up the good work.

And Jonas, Totally amazing stuff as always I can’t wait to see what your going to make next.


That’s very nice work. Perfect…


Great ! Very nice job !

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